These Games Can Help You Improve Your Concentration At Work

Spending the entire day in office won’t necessarily get you physically tired, but it sure can fry your brain. Between attending meetings, going through Excel sheets, and preparing presentations, being in office can end up being quite mentally taxing. The conventional wisdom is that breaks in office should be spent going for walks, socializing with colleagues, or just getting away from your workstation, but there’s another way that you can try out. It doesn’t work for everyone, but several people report that playing games can help them relax. Here are some ideas:


1.Poker: Poker has become enormously popular in India, and it’s even more popular in large companies. It has some big fans in the corporate world — FreeCharge founder Kunal Shah says he plays poker in his spare time, and even owns a team in an Indian poker tournament. As with CEOs, poker is becoming popular with rank and file employees as well, and with good reason — poker helps train you to do some quick math, take quick decisions, and take some risks. All these skills can come in handy in the workplace, and playing some casual poker while at work can help focus your brain for your tasks ahead.

2. Chess: Chess might seem a little too intense to play at the workplace, but with several online chess programs now available, it can be a good way to recharge your brain cells in the middle of an intense work day. Work at office can often get monotonous, and it can help to quickly apply your mind at a game of chess. Short-term variants of chess work best for this, such as rapid chess, which have timed limits which can have finishing during your breaks.

3.Casino games: When in the middle of a busy workday, it can help to spend some time on an activity that’s not particularly stressful. Games such as online jackpots at can serve as a useful temporary distraction, and help you better focus 

4. First person shooters: It might not seem apparent how a first-person shooter can help your performance at work, but it can have its benefits. The brain has several different parts, and the part that’s used for finding a bug in code might be different from the one that helps you quickly avoid enemy fire in a first-person shooter. As such, resting one part of your brain while you’re using another could help both parts, and studies even show that playing casual video games between work can help reduce stress.

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