Best Games To Play When Bored In Office

It’s another long day at the office, and you’re bored out of your wits. Don’t despair! There’s games you can play, with your colleagues or otherwise, as long as you have an internet connection. These games can be played online, take very little time, and will make sure you’re fresh when you get back to work.

 Here is the list of the most ubiquitous card games that’s actually worth your time and which you can easily install on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


  1. Poker

Poker is an extremely enjoyable game of wits and strategies where players need to form the best card combination as per hand ranking rules with the use of in-hand cards and cards on the table (community cards). It’s also an ideal game to play in office — not only are the strategies similar to those you encounter in business, but it’s also a great way to bond with your colleagues. There are lots of poker sites in India where players can participate in Ring games, Sit-N-Go, and MTT (multi-table tournament) and earn great profits in the form of real money rewards, bonuses, live tournament tickets, and tour packages. All popular variants such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Hold’em ++, and Crazy Pineapple are available online. Tables are open around the clock on most of the websites.


  1. Rummy

Rummy is another popular form of card games where players need to arrange cards into correct sequences or sets to declare the game. The most popular variants of rummy are -13 Cards Rummy, 21 Cards Rummy, and Marriage Rummy. The game finishes quickly, and is ideal to be played during a break at work.


  1. Solitaire

Solitaire is a highly entertaining single-player card game where a player has to arrange the cards (without jokers) in order as per their suits and rank. Player needs to sort and build up blocks of cards (A to K) in sequences. Many gaming websites allow players to play solitaire without investing any money and win real cash prizes.


  1. Bridge

Bridge is a challenging and fast-paced game which requires four players and a standard deck of 52 cards. There are four stages of the game: dealing, bidding, playing, and scoring. The game may look complex but in reality, it is not. It is a trick-taking game which tests your strategic planning and decision making skills. There are many apps available online which you can download to play bridge for free or for money. This team game is great to play with colleagues on offsites, or on weekends.

  1. Teen Patti

This game requires no introduction. If you want a simple yet challenging game which you can easily learn, look no further than Teen Patti.

The rules of the game are very similar to poker. Every player receives 3 cards and bets as per the strength of the hand. The game aims to maximize the pot and survive on the table until the showdown. The player with the best 3 cards as per hand ranking rules win the game.

Card games are much easier to learn and master as compared to other board games, and they’re a great way to spend time in office. The only skills that are required to play card games are – planning, attention to detail, logical reasoning, and most importantly- will to win the game.

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