Important Things Every Mentor Should Focus On

It is said that one who finds a mentor in his boss at the very first job is a lucky person and has high chances to succeed in life than other unfortunate people who might have got a rough boss. The relationship between a mentor and a trainee is much like that of parents and adult child instead of being like that of a boss and his employee. In different spheres of life, different people can act as mentors. Mentor and trainee can be anyone starting from a boss and employee, manager and subordinate, group leader and a group member, professor and a scholar, a senior and a junior and many such duos. Having a good mentor can help you get a good letter of recommendation. You can check online for helpful LOR samples so that you can prepare yours.

The duo of a mentor and a mentee needs to have trust on each other, need to respect each other, can be teamed up externally and don’t have to be of the same organization and should be able to communicate with each other easily. If these characteristics are being fulfilled by a mentor-mentee duo then no one can delay their success. It might be the situation that at some spheres of life you come across someone who requires you as a mentor and you too want to help them through your experiences and knowledge. Here are a following points that one should have in him while mentoring someone.

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1.Communicating knowledge:

It is very important for a mentor to communicate his knowledge to the mentee well. It should be known that everyone who is a good student might not be a good teacher. A good mentor is the one who can clearly and effectively make his student understand what he knows. Using jargons and technical terms might not be very useful here as making the student understand the work clearly is the main task.

2.Come prepared:

The responsibility to train someone is a very tough and serious issue. One should neither underestimate the mentee nor come unprepared for the sessions. Coming unprepared would just waste the mentor’s as well as the mentee’s time. The mentee should be encouraged enough to participate in the sessions and take the lead sometimes but it should nowhere effect the preparation of the mentor. It is better to discuss beforehand about the topics that need to be known and prepare both of them likewise

3. Be approachable and available to the mentee:

The appearance of a mentor must be very friendly and the mentee should not have to think twice before approaching him. If there is a bar between the mentor and the mentee then the relationship won’t be a strong one and there won’t be any successful results. The mentee won’t be comfortable enough to clear his doubts and will hesitate in approaching the mentor. Thus, the mentor should be very approachable. The relationship between the mentor should be more like friends such that they are comfortable in communicating with each other.

4. Friendship in mentorship is different:

The mentor might be very much friendly but the friendship should be limited within themselves. The teacher should not be a friend to his mentee on social medias. Linkedin is a platform for professional relationships and there the mentor can be a contact of the mentee. Everything should be fair in the mentor-mentee relationship. Both of them don’t owe each other anything. The mentor just wishes for his mentee’s success and the mentee owe him a thanks for his help and guidance. The mentor can defend his mentee from unfair means and other’s ill behavior but the approach should be extremely professional. 

Entering a mentoring program or a training course can help you be well trained and be much more professional in your approach towards the mentee. You can also learn about better ways of teaching and making your students understand your point of view. You definitely want to see your students succeed but you should know how this would be possible. Using unique teaching methods and techniques would help you be a better mentor and your mentee be a successful professional. 

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