IPL 2020 Finally Brings Some Cheer For Professionals Working From Home


The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 is a dream in the making. A dedicated venture sport and history in the making! With so many challenges in the world, BCCI and the other board members have made sure extreme precautions are in place. The countdown ends when the hot screen goes live on 19th September 2020. People expect normalcy to hit the nations soon so they can buy their way to the stadium. 

What can get more exciting than a popcorn tub? The opening innings at the UAE pitch! The strongest teams Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are the get openers! The IPL season now trumpets and welcomes everyone to cheer them! 

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Dhoni’s Return!

After a whole deal of heartbreaks, it is surprising to see Dhoni back in the frame. Millions have awaited this moment. MS Dhoni’s captaincy alerts the entire Chennai Super Kings. Besides, sources read “People will always remember what he has done,” says former Australian cricketer, Dean Jones. 

Which leaves room for MS Dhoni’s retirement discussion. Further, the teams are awaiting on an exciting edge. The best performance will win the audience this time! MS Dhoni is leading the Chennai Super Kings up to semi-finals at least!

There are many expectations set on Dhoni to lead the CSK to the finals in 2020 IPL league. With the series of legendary wins, Dhoni has always put up a calm exterior. He has strategized like a real sportsman and dedicated leader of the pack. 


Sharjah Stadium, UAE 


It is during such testing times that cricket matches, leagues like IPL, become more phenomenal. The pandemic has raised many questions with the proceeding of the league. 

Sharjah Stadium at UAE/Dubai will host 12 matches. A medium also stated that the BCCI secretary had approved the place for gaming after the inspection. Before this visit, BCCI president, Saurav Ganguly also visited the area to note. Sharjah Stadium received a heads up from the higher officials. 

The history report of the place has a record for T20 matches. Stories convey that the pitch is excellent for batsmen but a minor challenge for spin bowlers.  


The First Rivals to Own the Pitch!


The first game between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings is thrilling. The two entire teams await their toss and may surprise us with the fielding. This year, IPL is one of the most happening events and is streaming online.  

Chennai Super Kings have made an indomitable hattrick in the past. This time the expectations will grow on the same lines. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is returning after a break, and this must not prove to be a stress racing in the league. 

Because of the uncontrollable pandemic situation in India, UAE pitches the game. Between the teams, the analysis slots a logical position for each team member. 


Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai Super Kings


CSK has proved to be spin-bowling champions, previously. CSK’s out of league practice can put them in a better position to bowl. CSK is a deliberate choice to play against MI. Though CSK proved a hattrick trail blaze in the last three years, with Mumbai Indians, they seem to have cold feet! 

On the other hand, Mumbai Indians have game ready skilled batsmen. Many legendary players seem to have concocted their gaming skills, keeping in mind their weaknesses. But the challenge lies in spin – bowling! The team has few who contribute to bowling. But they stand a good chance against the Chennai Super Kings with spinners like Krunal Pandya and Jayant Yadav. 

Some players couldn’t make it to the league because of quarantine after testing positive for corona. Ruturaj Gaikwad was one bait to it. He will not appear, at least in the first match. But with other Mumbai Indians, there are no signs or cases of serious injuries, hospitalization or quarantine cases. They have made a stronger comeback this 2020. 



Though Google depicts the game as per the league, MI Vs CSK, the scale is imbalanced for Dhoni’s return. Quinton gave a heads up to Mumbai Indians batting and bowling for Chennai Super Kings. This took a surprising turn for the first innings. There are billions watching the live stream spirit of the game? Will they hear our cheers? Either way, the zeal will not stop what is in store for Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians!