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So, what is OfficeChai all about?

OfficeChai is a platform dedicated completely to the companies and career space. We publish and curate content centered around the work place – which means news from companies and startups, how-to guides, office humour, inspiring career related stories, interviews with people doing interesting things in their careers, and a whole lot of work stuff that’s useful, informative or simply fun.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, we do! However, we are looking for original, well-researched and content that fits into our niche.

What kind of content are you looking for?

If it fits in the overall tone of “work, startups, corporate culture, companies, offices, or jobs”, it’s good for us.

It could be any of the following categories: (with examples of a sample post)


Would you give me topics to write on?

No. You are free to write on whatever you think will make for a good and engaging story, as long it’s in the categories mentioned above. Though sometimes we may be looking for stories or inputs for a specific feature – for eg.- 17 Upcoming Indian Startups Solving The Most Unusual Problems

I can’t write well, but can I still contribute?

Yes! We are also looking for people who can tell or source a story when they see one. We are looking for ambassadors from companies who can report stories that we can turn into great content. If something interesting is happening at your workplace, and has the potential to be an interesting story, just give us the details and we’d take it from there – of course with due credits to you. For eg., a funny incident from your office or a piece of industry grapevine, or even a malpractice happening at your workplace. We will help your voice be heard and bring it to light.

Does the content have to be original?

Absolutely. We are looking for stories and articles that haven’t been done before.

The only exception we can make is when you collate a lot of different already published content, from various resources to compile a relevant story. (for eg. this piece on Sexual Harassment At work)

Is there a word limit?

Absolutely not. You’re free to be as concise or as detailed as you’d like, as long as the piece reads well, is comprehensive and yet not verbose. Just make sure the content is free of grammatical errors, typos, external references, if any, are duly credited and the article is supported with sufficient visual media.

Do you pay for the contributions?

No. All contributions are gratis. However, if you’d like to receive payment for your work, we can discuss a more long term opportunity with us, if available.

Is there a deadline to write?

No. You can turn in an article as per your convenience and when you have enough material for one.

So, where do I turn in the articles or reach out for other queries?

Mail them at [email protected] with “guest post request” in the subject line, with your contact details and social media profiles. We might take a while to respond since we get a lot of content submission requests but we will definitely get back to you.