American Companies Take An Anti-Racism Stand En Masse Amid Countrywide Riots And Protests In The US

As the USA flares up in nationwide protests and riots in response to the death of George Lloyd last week at the hands of a white police officer in an alleged act of racism, American companies are making their stand clear online.

As individuals across social media stage virtual protests, walkouts, and change their profile images to all black in an event being called the “BlackTuesday”, corporate America too is doing its bit. In an unprecedented show of solidarity with the Black community against a case of systemic racism in the country, brands across sizes and industries have been taking a stand against racism and showing their support for the Black Lives Matter movement across their social media and other communication channels.

Facebook, Twitter And Google Slam Trump Order That Seeks To Prevent Them From Restricting RW Voices

In a first of such moves by a politician, the US president Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order that decrees a number of changes in how major social media platforms – mainly Twitter, Facebook and Youtube police and restrict certain content posted on their platforms.

The official order that was shared by Trump himself on Twitter seeks to hold tech companies responsible for being publishers, and limit their role in censoring content – especially of a political nature that goes against their own political leanings.

Tiktok’s Playstore Rating Restored To 4.4 from 1.1 After Google Deletes Millions Of Negative Reviews Left By Outraged Users

In what seems to have been an overnight cleanup operation by Google, the Android parent has deleted upto 8 million low-ratings left by TikTok users on its app. Last week after an outrage after some of the content posted on TikTok, users had hit it with thousands of 1* rating and negative reviews, bringing down its original rating from a 4.4 star to a 1.1. As of today, the Tiktok rating on Playstore is back to being 4.4 again.

While there has been no public communication from Google about this, the ratings have jumped back up after negative reviews were deleted by Google.