What is OfficeChai?

OfficeChai is your one stop destination for everything related to the workspace! 

What is the content on OC?

OfficeChai publishes and curates articles, blogs, stories which are about the workplace or the stuff that happens in an office or stories of people who are in a job.


I want to contribute to OfficeChai. Can I?

Of course! OfficeChai welcomes diverse opinions and perspectives. If you have an interesting story or article to share, do let us know. Just write to us and we will take it from there.

Can I partner with OfficeChai to promote a product?

While we are largely a website about good content around the workspace, we would be happy to help you promote products that will be helpful for our target audience.

So if you have an app that aids employee productivity or have just come out with a brand new range of office furniture, holler!