Here Are The 10 Fastest $1 Billion Exits In Startup History

Aim for the long race when starting a start-up. But that’s not the only way. Amidst the talks on mushrooming funding rounds and all that jazz, a gala exit became cooler than being a $1 billion start-up. The term $1 billion+ exit especially created a buzz in the sector last year with Wal-Mart’s $3.3B acquisition of It was, however, only the sixth fastest $1 billion+ exit. The deal as well, albeit impressive, was not among the biggest returns. Facebook’s $22B purchase of Whatsapp (raised about $58 million) becomes legendary in start-up history, as far as the size of returns among fastest exists are concerned. Among the top 10 fastest $1 billion+ exits, Facebook alone acquired 3 – Oculus, Instagram and Whatsapp. Check out them in detail below.