Highest Funded Startups in India In 2017

The murmurs in entrepreneur circles about funding slowdown is still persistent. There are talks about bursting the startup bubble. The flames of uncertainty is still recurring, on top with the change of dynamics in startup ecosystem. However, when the country’s economic growth and purchasing power of people are on synchronized rise, there can be no dearth of funding. 2015 was a very good year, and 2016 is for taking things slow. But there is no stopping for the VC companies. Read our list of the top 10 most funded startups and get a dose of motivation for free!

This Is The Startup Advice From A 19 Year Old Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal is touted as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country. Having started Oyo rooms at 18, he knows a thing or two about starting young. Today, Oyo is worth over $500 million and can truly be said to be a disruptor of the hotel industry in India. So when a user on Quora asked on how to start a startup at 18, the then 19 year old Ritesh Agarwal jumped in and shared these insights.

Oyo Rooms In Talks To Acquire Fierce Rival Zo Rooms

Oyo Rooms and Zo Rooms have been slugging it out for supremacy in the budget hotels space. There are, however, signs that there’s some consolidation that’s imminent in this sector. It has emerged that Oyo Rooms is interested in buying out Zo Rooms, which is scrambling to raise funds to avoid being sold.