Startup India: Everything That You Need To Know

If you have been struck by an idea and aim to culminate it into a successful venture aka startup, then you are eligible to take advantage of the Startup India initiative launched by Prime Minister Modi earlier this year. The Prime Minister had talked about ‘Startup India, Stand up India’ initiative during his Independence Day speech last year. On January 16, 2016 he unveiled the action plan of the initiative to develop an ecosystem for startups to grow further. The plan aims at promoting bank finances and promises to encourage job creations.

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11 Factors To Consider When Deciding to Work At A Startup Or Big Firm

With the boom is startups in India, the number of job creators is widening too, and that in turn means good news for the job seeker who’s spoilt for choice. While the options are many, many of us may face a quandary about which is a better career option for us- A big company or a startup. Here are some of the factors you should consider while making a decision.

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