Uber Partners With Mumbai Police To Curb Drunk Driving

reducing drunk driving deaths – after a long night out, people these days prefer being driven home via Uber instead of taking to the road themselves, and save themselves some nasty road crashes in the process.

Uber’s now trying to proactively bring down drunk driving level in India too. It’s partnered with the Mumbai police by installing “Uber Breathalysers” at bars and clubs across the city.

I Tried A Bike Taxi Today And Learnt Some Incredible Things

When Uber and Ola launched their Bike Taxis in Bangalore within hours of each other, I decided to try it out for myself. I have ridden pillion for hundreds of miles through the treacherous terrains of Ladakh, how bad could a few kilometers in a metro city be? So, I tried a bike taxi for the first time in India, and it was full of precious insights and a sweet banter with my driver Mohun.