Here’s The Employee Strength Of Indian Unicorns

These eight startups are more than just startups. They are our very real Unicorns. Meaning, a company whose valuation goes beyond the mighty $1 billion mark. Despite the murmurs of layoffs in Flipkart, Snapdeal and Quikr pouring in this year, these startups continue to achieve heights with talented and dedicated employees. Here we’ve made a list of employee strength of Indian unicorns.

Flipkartnumber of employees in flipkart

India’s most valuable Internet company and an e-commerce giant that needs no explanation has $15.5 billion valuation. Around 35,000 employees work under its umbrella. The startup was rumored to layoff around 700 employees earlier this year; still it employs the most number of employees in Indian unicorns.

Snapdealnumber of employees in snapdeal

The second largest startup in India and another leading name in e-commerce has 9,000 employees working for them. It’s valuation is $5 billion.

Mu Sigmanumber of employees in mu sigma

Founded in 2004, Mu Sigma is an Indian management consulting firm offering analytics services. It’s valuation stands at $1.5 billion. Approximately 3,500 employees work in the startup.

Quikrnumber of employees in quikr

This online classified advertisement startup has successfully made touchdown to the billion dollar club of unicorns. Its employee strength is about around 5000.

Ola Cabsnumber of employees in ola

The leading name in India’s online transportation sector has $5 billion valuation and has around 5,000 people working for them.

Paytmnumber of employees in paytm

The mobile wallet app that made us through the country’s demonetization drive is an unicorn startup with $2 billion valuation. It has around 4500 employees working for them.

InMobinumber of employees in inmobi

Founded in 2017, InMobi is a mobile advertisement and discovery platform. This Bangalore based startup has $2.5 billion valuation and employs 1000+ employees.

Shopclues.comnumber of employees in shopcules

This online marketplace has $1.1 billion valuation and 707 employee strength, making it rank eighth on our list of employee strength of Indian unicorns.

Top 10 Most Valuable Start-ups In The World In 2016

A technology startup with a valuation of $1 billion or more used to be a lofty ambition five years ago. Mythical even, hence the tag of a Unicorn. But thanks to the growing markets, penetration of the internet and a thriving era of technology led lifestyles, unicorns are becoming more common in venture capital circles. The one billion milestone isn’t so rare anymore. So much so that the most valued start-ups have been monikered ‘decacorn’ – a term used for private companies with valuation of $10 billion or more. Currently, there are total of 20+ Unicorns in the world. We list down the top 10 Unicorns or the 10 most valuable startups in the world.


10 most valuable startups in the world

Uber, the San Francisco based online transportation company tops the list of 10 most valuable startups in the world with a valuation of a whopping $62 billion. The startup which originally started as a provider of luxury cabs in California now operates in over 150 countries and generated a revenue of almost $1 billion in 2016. As they have also announced the inclination of building vertical take-off planes as new generation urban transportation free of city traffic, the valuation seems to take another leap very soon.


10 most valuable startups in the world

Only six years since its inception, Xiaomi – the Beijing based consumer electronics start-up already ranks second on the list with $45 billion valuation.


10 most valuable startups in the world

The popular California based online lodging service company has a valuation of $25.5 billion. In September 2016 it has also received new funding from Google Capital and Technology crossover ventures.


10 most valuable startups in the world

This American big data analytics company with prestigious clientele of federal agencies of the United States Intelligence Community is only 12 years old. They now rank 4th on the list with a valuation of $20.5 billion.


10 most valuable startups in the world

Over the past 3 years Snapchat has been able to reach a whopping 10 billion video views per day and 10 million daily active users in the UK. This California based image messaging and multimedia communication company is valued at $16 billion.

Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing 10 most valuable startups in the world

Popularly known as Didi Kuaidi, is the largest Chinese ride-sharing online transportation company with nearly 300 million users over 400 cities in China. Its valuation is estimated at $16 billion.


Indian unicorn

The only Indian company that made it to the list. This Bangalore based celebrated E-commerce giant has a $15 billion valuation.

China Internet Plus

Meituan-Dianping 10 most valuable startups in the world

Commonly known as Meituan-Dianping is a China based software company that sells vouchers for local services and entertainments ranks 8th on the list. It’s valued at $15 billion.



SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies Corporation manufactures and designs advanced spacecrafts. This Elon Musk headed American start-up has a $12 billion valuation.



This California based content sharing media ranks 10th on the list and is valued at $11 billion. Although with its growing user base and addition of buyable pins, Pinterest won’t take long to attract more investors and improve the rank.