CEO Withdraws Job Offer After Candidate Posts Question On Quora

It’s not uncommon for people to turn to the internet for advice in choosing jobs. An engineer from the US, who had job offers from Quora and Zenefits, did exactly that. He posted a thread entitled “What is the best way to start my career: Uber or Zenefits?” on Quora, a popular discussion forum. Things did not quite go as planned when the CEO of Zenefits happened to come across his post and publicly withdrew his job offer.

How To Impress Even The Most Extreme Engineer

Have a crush on that engineer in your office? Think his beady eyes gleam of true love behind his thick spectacles? Find yourself blushing when he talks about running a virtualized OS on his Linux machine? Fear not. The office engineer is a predictable creature, with simple wants and desires. Use these simple, foolproof tricks to make him want you. Almost as much as he wants the new iPhone 5S.