8 Confidence Boosters While You Are Job Hunting

The mind can work in mysterious ways. Sometimes, that’s not such a good thing, especially when it seems that your good intentions are sabotaged at every turn. Take looking for a job, for example. A positive mind set is crucial for success – so what can you do to ensure that you stay confident during the recruitment process? Here are 8 tips and ideas you can implement straight away.

How We Are Building EduRev

EduRev, which means Education Revolution, is more of a vision than an idea. EduRev began with the motive of bringing tech into the tech-deprived Indian education and revolutionizing it in this manner.

Ex-Infosys Veteran Shares 10 Insights From 25 Year Long Career

I have just resigned my job after ~25 years of service at Infosys in pursuit of a job in CSR field or in non-profit sector or to start a social enterprise or a start-up. I had sent a farewell message internally with details of 25 year exciting journey from a trainee to an executive who managed more than USD 150 mn revenues and 1700+ people. Along with that, I have also added top 10 insights/learnings during my tenure at Infosys.

How Virtual Payment Platforms Are Supporting Global Economies

The world is going local. You could be sitting in the remotest parts of the world, while working for a company located on the other side of the globe. The internet and allied technologies have well and truly enabled even the smallest of entrepreneurs and professionals go global. Using global services like AirBnB, Uber and Etsy are possible today and collaboration across continents, countries and cities has never been this smooth.