How Much Does Social Media Contribute to Growth?

It wasn’t so long ago that social media was optional for businesses. It could be a fun extra way to generate a little business but had no real impact one way or the other. Things couldn’t be more different today, not social media is business, all modern companies must have a social media presence if they want any chance of success.

There are various different strategies and approaches to social media, with a number of tools out there to help businesses. While making use of these tools is important, click here to access a social media publishing platform, knowing how and why social media is essential can help you develop a sounder and more effective plan. How much does social media contribute to growth? Find out below.

Huge Potential Audience

As a business, you naturally want to reach as many people as possible, as every person is a potential customer. Traditionally, this would be done through marketing campaigns conducted via traditional means like TV, print, and radio. While this approach could reach large audience numbers, they pale in comparison to the potential offered by today’s social media platforms.

Social media is a global phenomenon, today’s platforms are used by upwards of 4.2 billion people across the world. This is an incredible statistic that clearly demonstrates just how crucial it is for businesses to have a social media presence.

Raising Brand Awareness

Your business might be producing some of the world’s most unique and innovative products, but if nobody knows about them then nobody is going to buy them. Raising awareness of your brand is crucial, and social media offers a fantastic way to do this.

By generating and publishing social media content, you can start to build up an online following. Some of these followers will be existing customers, while others will be newcomers to your business who have discovered you through your social media presence and the content you produce. This latter category is crucial, these are the consumers you want to attract as they represent potential new customers.

Customer Engagement

As you build an online following, this gives you the opportunity to establish a community around your brand. Engaging with this community is key and will help your business develop and grow. Customers value brand communication and engagement and are more likely to purchase from a brand they feel a connection to.

Use social media to connect to and communicate with your customers. Answer their questions, listen to their suggestions, and deal with any issues or problems that may arise promptly. This will create a deeper bond between your brand and your customers and help you take your business to the next level.


Social media is an enormous contributor to business growth, so much so that growth is arguably impossible without it. Social media can be used to access a huge global customer base, raise brand awareness, and connect and build a more meaningful relationship with your customers. Optimize your social media strategy today to see the best results for your business.