How This Startup Took On Gillette With A Viral Video

When you’re a tiny startup, most people would advise you to not enter a market which has a large player with a virtual monopoly. But xx and yy deicide to do just that. They’d met at a party, and conversation turned towards how expensive razor blades were. Soon after, they’d come up with a company that sold razor blades at an amazing price point of $1/month. But they had one problem in their way. Gillette.

Rahul Yadav’s Tweets From 2013 Show His Initial Struggles

Today, Rahul Yadav is the hotshot young CEO of a 1500 crore corporation. He’s done Reddit AMAs, the media can’t stop talking about him, and he has a legion of fans that follow his every move. But less than 3 years ago, he was just another entrepreneur struggling to promote his business.

Rahul Yadav’s twitter, which hasn’t been used in 2 years, offers a fascinating glimpse into the early struggles of his company.

Greenroom : A Startup That Connects Creative Talent

Greenroom works by allowing talent – anything from actors, models, musicians, the like – to create profiles on the site. It also allows content producers to post their talent requirements. The job details are then sent to relevant people, who can apply to the ones they are interested in. This lets the content producers access their contact details and take the conversation further.

All you wanted to know about India’s first show about startup life – TVF Pitchers

Pitchers follows the story of Naveen and his two friends, Yogendra and Jitender, as they set about creating their own startup in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. “They’re creating a Silicon Valley in Hiranandani now”, says one of the characters on the show, and the three protagonists find themselves smack in the middle of it. All three are jaded with their jobs, and inspiration to start off their own venture is not in short supply. Naveen’s senior from college is a laconic CEO whose company has just been valued at a billion dollars, and hoardings of successful startups (mainly scream at the three in the city.