13 Classic Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

You’d seen it coming. The frustration, the silent moans, the daily retrospection into the “why”, “What am I even doing with my life!”

Let’s face it, slugging it out at a job that you’ve mentally checked out of isn’t helping anyone. Not your company, not your career and least of all, you. You are in it for the money, but maybe this job has run its course. Maybe you should be looking at greener pastures. Maybe you should move on.
It’s about time.

Here are the ultimate signs it’s time to quit your job. And trust me, these are coming from someone who’s faced them, in multiple jobs.

Let’s see how many of these you check off.


1. You hate Mondays with a vengeance

They were always bad, but proportion with which you look forward to the weekend and when it’s over, go into a spell of depression that’s notches above “Monday Blues” goes higher with the degree with which you want to quit your job.


Monday Blues


2. The talk of work gets you down

At a random discussion with friends or in your thoughts, something reminds you about your work and even without realising off you go in a spell of gloom.





3. You’ve been spending an astounding amount of time doing everything to escape work

Including being on this list, Reddit, Cat videos, basically everything you could do to avoid doing real work.


Escaping work


4. You’ve been making a lot of focus errors

Usually a picture of six sigma standards, you’re screwing up more than ever. You’re skipping emails, making typos, missing deadlines and also making errors in your core job.


typo in email


5. You’ve been distancing yourself from your colleagues

Especially the ones who are particularly gung-ho about the job. They’re evil and part of a conspiracy. They stand up for everything you’re against.





6. A holiday is forever on your mind

You cannot wait for the weekend or your leave to get approved, and take off to the hills or lounge on a beach all day. Hell, even that one day trip to the national park with your family sounds like a welcome option at this point.



7. You’ve been taking more leaves than your boss would like

“Sorry my cat was going through depression” is a perfect excuse to not turn up at work.



8. You find yourself bitching about your job

You usually don’t have flattering things to say about your job anymore. And you’re not likely to recommend it to anyone who might venture to ask you for an expert opinion.


bitch about the job


9. You’ve stopped seeing the point in any job given to you

“Produce the metrics for engagement for the entire year? Why? WHO even looks at that shit?”





10. Even the paycheque is looking pointless

Usually, you grinned and bore all your trouble with those crisp bills, but even money has stopped comforting your inner woes.

It is but the tool for modern day slavery.

Money Means Nothing


11. You’ve been flying into a fit of rage ever so often

All the little things you’d normally adjust with are massive wrath-inducing agents.

“What do you mean this office can’t provide a 100mbps internet connection?!” 

You’re a volcano waiting to erupt at the smallest provocation.

Angry at work


12. Your admiration for entrepreneurs is at an all time high

They were the ones who took the plunge, said enough is enough and started something. They are the people you want to be. They’re their own boss and you aspire to be like them.




13. Your startup idea is looking more tempting

That cafe you never thought you had the money, time or talent for is suddenly looking more viable and despite all the risks involved, you’d rather venture into that than suffer silently at your job.



How many did you check off? If more than 5, you should seriously be leaving that job by now. Or it would tantamount to a disservice to both you and your employer.


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