5 Easy But Epic Ideas To Create A Fun Office Environment

The key to a successful business is a happy and fun office environment. If you have this, then everyone will be working with a smile on their face. People will be happy to come to work and keen to get their tasks done.

If you’re after a more fun office environment, then here are five easy to implement, but strategically important ideas.

Casual Fridays

Bean bags and X-Box Fifa for breaks
Directi office, Mumbai

One of the best ways you can create a fun office environment is to introduce casual Fridays. This is where your employees can come to work in casual clothes, every Friday. It makes a change from being in work clothes and feeling uncomfortable in a suit all day. For me, it’s a fun way to end the week and get everyone nice and relaxed for the weekend.

Funky Water Coolers and micro kitchens

TWs4 (1)
Thoughtworks Office, Pune

For decades, the water cooler has been a symbol of the office. Workers congregate around it to share stories and talk about last night’s TV. If you want to bring your employees closer, then don’t underestimate the power of office water coolers. It will encourage people to get up and have a chat. They’ll take a little break from work and recharge their batteries while chatting to a colleague. Such a simple object can seriously affect the atmosphere of any office.

Ping Pong/ Foosball Table

Canteen with various recreational activities - Table tennis
Directi office, Mumbai

Now, you may be looking at that heading and raising your eyebrow slightly. How on earth can a ping pong table be good for your office? Surely it just encourages people to slack off work and mess around? Well, obviously, you don’t just slap a ping pong table in the middle of your office. Then, it will distract people, and nothing will get done. But, if you put one in your break room, then you have a way for people to cool off after a few hours of intense work. When they take their lunch break, they can have a little play on the table and release any stress. And, it helps create a nice friendly atmosphere that brings people together.

Office Lottery

Razorpay office, Bangalore

Another way to make things more fun and get everyone in the team spirit is to start an office lottery fund. Get everyone chipping in some money to buy lottery tickets, and play the lottery every week. If you win, then everyone gets a share of the winnings. But, in the likely case that you don’t, it’s still an enjoyable thing to do. You feel more together as everyone eagerly checks the lottery numbers for the week.

Team Huddles


Team huddles are like team meetings but less formal and stuffy. Getting the team together in an informal huddle, at office or maybe even outside office say a cafe,  is a great way to make your office way more fun and exciting. Get everyone rounded up in the conference room and talk about the targets for the week. The key is making the meeting enjoyable. Don’t drone on and use technical business jargon. Get people excited and amped up for the week ahead. Make them leave with a smile on their face and fire in their belly.