8 Unsual Options To Spend A Weekend For The Lazy Corporate Employee

Corporate employees are constantly on the lookout for ways to relax. Usual entertainment options such as dining out and movies are passé. Come weekend, and you find yourself wondering “What to do over the next two days?” Before you find yourself tucking into that bed and doing marathons of the TV show you don’t even like that much, let us help you with a few suggestions that are probably unsual,  involve a bit more effort, and experiences that are sure to make your life that much more exciting.

1. Craft Classes


When was the last time you used a scissors, glue and some paper? In your SUPW class at school most probably. Solving mental challenges at work, we forget the innocent joy and thrill of creating things with a bit of creativity and effort. Here’s a few options for DIY making classes including papier mâché, fragrance making and pottery.  Not only will these be actually creatively satisfying – something your job possibly can’t give you – but these could make for great conversation starters if you choose to adorn your work desk with your latest creation.

2. Dance/Salsa Classes


If you were hiding away in a corner the last holiday or office party, now’s the time to get your groove on and get over the 2 left feet. Not only is being able to dance well an attractive and an important social skill, it’s great for fitness and mood. Some options for your to consider while you get your dancing shoes on.

3. Baking workshops


There’s hardly anyone in the world that doesn’t like a piece of freshly baked cookie or a gooey sweet, sweet red velvet cake. Ever wonder if you could make your own, and not only add a delectable skill to your resume, but bring those sinful goodies to your colleagues on the Monday after and become the team hero? Here’s some options to book yourself into some baking classes, pronto.

4. Heritage/Food walks


Have you been dwelling in your city for years and yet you draw a blank when it comes to knowing its history and telling its temples from its banks? There’s a good use of a weekend. It’s called a walk. Go it alone, or sign yourself up for a weekend food or heritage walk. Not only get to know your city better, but the next time a visitor comes from that global office, impress their pants off with your city knowledge.

5. Spas



A strenuous working culture and a sedentary lifestyle takes a toll on your posture, health and general mental well-being. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who work at organizations like Google that provide free massage facilities to employees, help yourself to a spa session and be totally unashamed about it. You will thank yourself later.

6. A dose of adrenaline


There’s the problem with being a thrill seeker. Being stuck in a 9-5 job, the closest you come to an activity is spinning on your chair, and running to and fro the office mess. Introduce a bit of adventure, thrill and a dose of risk-taking in your life with a short stint of paragliding, skating, rock-climbing over the weekend. Most cities have a meetup groups where regular activities are conducted. Here’s some suggestions on a few others.

7. Giving back


Pampering yourself is all well and good, however if you feel like you aren’t really giving back to the society in any way (other than dumping your 5 year old clothes in a carton and passing it along to a charity) there’s a good time to be involved. Lots of city NGOs allow and could really do with extra hands over the weekend. For eg. you can walk dogs for organizations like Blue cross or teach children at many schools. Check out Bhumi’s program for weekend classes.

8. Short educational courses


Weekdays leave you with very little time to read, research or get yourself educated. There are millions of skills and courses out there that beg for your time and attention. Not only can these seriously upgrade your knowledge and skill level for your next, they can prove to be very beneficial even in your current job. Even if it sounds like a drag to do something non-fun this weekend, it might be worth your time and money to look into a course. While Coursera has more long term courses, here’s some options to go for some quick weekend ones.

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