Apply These 5 Techniques To Improve Co-working Spaces

Most people have come to realize that working in a co-working office space can be more productive compared to when one is enclosed into an office. A co-working space can promote social interaction, which in turn will boost your productivity. However, you should note that you cannot get the best result just by the mere fact that you are part of a community. If anything, you can spend your day moving from one desk to another so that the day goes without having anything to account for.

There are simple tips which can guarantee that you will get the best out of that space. This means that you have a responsibility to take. Here are some of the tips that you should never forget:

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1. Create your brand

In a co-working space, you might not be handling the same business as your neighbor. If you are business-oriented, you can boost your brand identity in that space. For instance, you can have a table runner with your company or business logo. Through this, your clients can quickly identify you without moving to your competitor or ‘business enemy’ who would mislead them. Not everyone around you is happy about your success. You got to be keen on this.

If you don’t have a brand that your clients can relate to, a lot of time will be spent even on things that would otherwise be done in two minutes. Do not keep changing the color of your space. Always have your brand color on. This prevents unnecessary confusion.


2. Be on headphones

Not everyone you see on headphones is actually listening to anything. Some of them just have this strategy of telling people that they need their time. It’s a way of avoiding distractions. Any other person can think that you are busy listening to something and so they will prevent you if they don’t have something that urgently needs your attention.

In an office space, whenever you are on headphones, your neighbors will always assume that you are busy with something. Do not tell anyone that you are not listening to something since they will take advantage of you. If you can work alongside some low music or instrumentals, you can as well have it on. When you choose this method, you will not be likely to hear the stories in the background, and so it keeps you focused. It is better to be avoided for stories but accomplish your goal at the end of the day.


3. Take breaks

Always take breaks. Scientifically, you should take a break of five minutes after 30-60 minutes of continuous working. Taking breaks can be very tricky, sometimes, especially if you are in a community where people seem to be very committed to their work. You at times feel guilty taking breaks when other people tend to be busy from morning to evening. You should never feel guilty. The human mental capacity is never productive when taken through an extensive concentration. Even if others are not resting, take your break. It is for the good of your productivity.


4. Have a work schedule

Whenever purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. If you don’t see the use of every minute you spend in your office space, you can easily abuse it. You, therefore, need to come up with your working schedule. This becomes very important since you will be focused on completing a given task at a given time. At the end of the day, you will be able to account for your work.

Without a working schedule, you can find yourself working on one single task that can be done for one hour, but you do it the whole day. With this, you will be carrying forward your tasks to the next day. This is something that should never be part of your work. Always ensure that you plan for your day and work faithfully towards making it happen.


5. Personalize your space

You can also personalize your space if you want to get the best from it. The secret behind this is simply to make your space look attractive to you hence making you get an inner motivation to work in such an environment. For instance, if you love flowers, you can place a few on your space and keep replacing whenever they wither. You can also have some motivational notes on your space. This will be a good way of attracting you to be in your space and work. You will not be hopping from one space to another, distracting your neighbors.


Final thought

Choosing a functional and comfortable co-working office space like ATLAS Workbase have does not guarantee your productivity. You also have to be responsible for working towards your goal. If you take advantage of the above tips, you will surely have the best out of your office space.