How To Look Forward To Going To Office

Can office become a place where you long to go every day? Imagine a life where you look forward to get up and get ready to go to work. Imagine the Monday blues being turned on their head, and you feeling fresh and energized at the prospect of work. It’s not impossible. Here are 7 easy tips to make work fun, and your office, inviting.



  1. Be like putty which can be rolled into any shape. Be ready to accept any work and signature it with excellence. Even if you’re a PhD in String Theory, you can find some joy in filling in routine excel sheets. Capitalism dictates that you were a good fit for the role – that’s why someone is willing to pay you to work. If you persist long enough you will get the work that you deserve.


  1. Have faith in your capabilities. There’s nothing that you can’t do. Count your blessings, there are many. Never try to compete with other individuals. Each person is endowed with unique potentials. If at all you want to compete, compete with yourself.


  1. Let go of your ego. Never shy away from asking for help if you’re stuck. If you’re upfront about your shortcomings, you colleagues will respect you. And with their help, you can only get better.


  1. It logically follows that you should help your colleagues whenever possible. Do this without appearing to look down upon them. Be humble.


  1. Break your work down into small parts. Take breaks after completion of each small portion. Celebrate small victories. Have a quick bite, say hi to friends. Learn to be excited at small achievements. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.


  1. Make genuine friends at the workplace. Meet them every day and share joys, sorrows, achievements and failures. Having friends is just like having money in the bank.


  1. Be happy and try to bring joy to others. You’d be surprised to see how nice it feels to make others happy. Be positive. Life’s short. Enjoy it while you’re here.