How To Prevent The Risk Of Fire In The Workplace

The recent case of the fire that broke out at a temple in Kerala from a fireworks display leaving over a 100 dead and many injured haunts the mind. Years ago, a massive fire broke out in a Bangalore restaurant, not only causing the loss of  business, but of life. Last year the office of NGO Goonj was reduced to ashes after a stray spark from a firecracker erupted into the garments, engulfing the whole godown into flames. While fires at the workplace is a relatively rare phenomenon, if and when it does happen, it results in a massive loss of life, property and of business. While most good corporate offices are usually equipped to deal with a fire, a great many workplaces are not.

fire in business

While you can’t eliminate the chance of a fire breaking out altogether, here are a few ways to deal with being prepared to mitigate one and cause as little damage to life and property as possible.

Install A Fire Alarm


The first port of call is a fire alarm. A fire alarm detects smoke as soon as a fire starts and alerts everyone to the danger. Investing in one is a no-brainer – the only thing you need to contemplate is which one. A standard alarm is always a popular choice because they are cheap and effective. But, you can get a better service if you pay more money. Although they are more expensive, a temporary wireless fire alert system is a good choice. Its use of technology is more effective than any standard fire alarm.


Contact A Fire Safety Officer

As a part of the law, a fire safety officer will come around and look at your premises. When they do, make sure that you take their advice into account. They do have the authority to close down your business if it isn’t suitable, so treat them with respect. Plus, they are experts, and their opinion is valuable. What they have to say should help your business, which is a good thing in most bosses’ books.


Appoint A Fire Officer

After the fire safety expert has analyzed your building, you should appoint a fire officer to oversee the changes. The great thing about a fire officer  is that you can delegate the responsibility to them instead of overseeing the project. It might sound like you are trying to dodge a bullet, but the truth is that you can’t micromanage every area of the company. As an incentive, offer the person that takes the job a pay rise. That pay rise is good for both parties because they get a bump in pay, and you don’t have to hire another employee. Also, let them know that it looks good on their resume.


Invest In Fire Safety Equipment

fire safety at workplace
image: the Hindu

Always prepare for the worst. Businesses that try and stop a fire at the source won’t be one-hundred percent effective as a fire can still occur. If it does, you need the right equipment to limit the damage. The best and most popular is a fire extinguisher as it starves the fire of oxygen. There are different types of extinguishers for different fires, so make sure you pick the right one. Also, sprinklers are a good idea. They might not look as if they are effective, but they can help in certain situations. When it comes to fire, even the smallest drop of water can make the biggest difference.

Keep fire crackers if any stored outside of enclosed spaces

Whether for celebrations or ceremonies, if you must store firecrackers inside the facility, keep them away from enclosed spaces, and ensure that no inflammables like lighters, cigarettes, matchboxes or candles are in the vicinity of the firecrackers.