12 Acronyms Every Corporate Employee Must Know [Infographic]

Have you heard your colleagues drop unfathomable acronyms at work and you’ve felt out of the loop? Or you just want to make communication at work more efficient and faster? 

Help is at hand. We have compiled this neat Infographic on the 12 most common acronyms you’d see in use, and an explanation and real life examples of when to use them.

Never go WTF on an email at work again!



Corporate Acronyms Infographic



1. EOM: End of message

Used to include the whole message in the subject line itself so you don’t waste time opening an email. Perfect for short messages like this:



2. EOD: End of day.

Simply used to mean how something would be done at the end of the day. (But usually the EOD becomes EOM)


3. WFH: Work/ing From Home

Our favourite! Working from home is amazing. And WFH is just perfect for sending a short text to your manager.



4. ETA- Estimated Time Of Arrival

Can be used to mean the expected time of completion.



5.PFA- Please Find Attached

Use this option when attaching files to the email and make sure you do attach them! (For every time we got an email with a PFA and found no attachment. And not just emotional)



6. KRA- Key Result Areas

Your manager’s favourite word. KRAs are basically your goals or deliverables to accomplish at work



7. TAT – Turn Around Time

Similar to ETA, TAT is used to know the response time for something, usually an email reply or a response to a ticket.


8. YTD- Year To Date

When your company works on an annual system, most metrics of growth are calculated on a YTD basis.

Corporate Jargon ytd


9. QQ- Quick Question

Simply enough, to ask a simple, easy question as an aside to another issue. No, asking what the purpose of your existence in the organization wouldn’t be a QQ.


10. ROI- Return on Investment

Everyone’s favourite word in the organisation. ROI simply means the results of your investment in terms of profit or other metrics.

Social Media ROI


11. FYI: For Your Information

When sharing a piece of information that may or may not require an action from the receiver.



12. OOO- Out of Office

Looks like a crazy thousand figure but OOO simply means out of office on a leave or on an offsite.

Here’s to more OOOs and WFHs and yet more ROI!



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