Everyone has these colleagues. Which one are you? [Infographic]



































1. IT girl

She seems to have got her life sorted. She flaunts the latest in fashion, style, and usually is a good performer. She’s popular and is quite the girl to know in the company.


2.  The Slacker Genius

He never seems to be working. A peek into his work system would probably reveal a 1000 opened tabs that have got nothing to do with work. Conspicuous by his absence in meetings, the only way to run into this person would be the games room, or more likely holed up in a cabin watching the latest sitcom. And YET he’s the guy who’s getting those stellar ratings, and rave reviews on his work all around. What’s his secret? How does he do it?


3. The Gossip

Who’s going out with whom? The boss is applying to another company you say? And the secretary totally had a wardrobe malfunction. This person’s likely to be a storehouse of all the precious office gossip and dirt on pretty much everyone. 


4. The Boss’ Pet

They get the best ratings, and do everything the boss said to a T. Their work makes the boss swell with pride.

So whether sharing 1:1 meals with the boss in the cafe or going on smoke breaks, it’s hard to tell if they’re best buddies or boss and subordinate. 


5. The alcoholic

The one that partied a little too much, or just one sorrow too many. The hangover is apparent in the morning meeting, and some of the signs of last night’s debauchery can still be seen on his alcohol-stained tshirt. Get him a drink to start the day already.


6. The rebel

No we can’t is his motto. Why should he/we is his favourite question? Things must be questioned and status quo should be challenged.


7.  The unicorn

Those are the questions that come to mind when you realise there’s a colleague you’ve probably heard of, but not seen. Does he exist? And hence they draw their title from the mythical creature. Surely, there’s a desk with his name plate, and his records exist but you’ve most likely never seen him around.


8. The latecomer

Does it really need an explanation? The calendar is lost on him and the watch probably never worked. He’s the reason meetings get delayed.


9. The Celeb

There’s always a fan fare around them, including mini parties that happen at their desk. To get to know the office, and be accepted into a clique, they’re the people to know.


10. The multitasker

While you’re struggling with one annual report, they’re probably working on that graphic art they learnt while they were working on the pivot table during the team meeting after which they headed to play pool.

How do they do that? They seem to do a lot of things, and make it look effortless.


11. The Social Media Ninja

They’re the ones who look intensely at their crotch in at meetings, and your 150 photos from the last weekly offsite has made it on the Facebook. For a true insight on what they really think of you, check out their Twitter.


12. The coffee machine

The reason why coffee brands thrive. They don’t seem to come without the ubiquitous coffee mug. And the hallowed beverage is consumed  by the buckets during the day. Contacting them before they’ve had their fill for the day is not advised.


So which one are you and your colleagues?