What You Need To Find Success In Your Career

Those that are career driven will always want to find success and happiness in their work. This can be an enormous challenge because every industry and career path will be filled with obstacles and difficult periods to work through, but, ultimately, this is all part of the journey that only makes the reward greater once you achieve your goals.


So, what do you need to find success over the course of your career?

Read on to find out and how you can go about overcoming these obstacles and navigating your industry for a successful, rewarding, lucrative and enriching career in your chosen industry.



First, you need to have ambition if you are to enjoy success in your career. Without ambition, people flounder in their role and spend too much time treading water. Ambition will give you the drive to come into work each day with positive energy and help you to stay focused at all times. This enthusiasm is not only for you but also for those higher up in your company who will always notice this drive as it is so valuable in business.

One of the best ways to develop ambition in both your career and personal life is to set yourself short and long term goals. This will keep you focused and moving forward at all times.



Confidence is crucial to success for a number of different reasons. Confidence will help you to believe that you can make it all the way to the top and achieve your goals and it will also instil confidence in others that you will be able to do so. Not just this, but confidence will also help you to seize an opportunity when it presents itself.

While it is true that some people are naturally more confident than others, that is not to say that confidence cannot be developed and you will find that it is a fluid state where sometimes you feel more confident than others. You can gain confidence through focusing on your strengths, looking after your physical and mental health, seeking positive feedback and through positive visualisation.


Soft Skills

No matter what industry you work in, it is vital that you have solid soft skills which will help you to succeed in your role. This will include skills such as communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, teamwork, positive attitude, time management, ability to take criticism, etc.

Again, some people naturally are better at some of these skills than others, but they can also be developed. The best way to do this is through research and practice – this can take time and sometimes take you out of your comfort zone but will be crucial for success and can also be helpful in your personal life.



Those that are currently at the top have not got where they are today by sitting around and waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Initiative is incredibly important because this shows leadership, confidence, and business savviness – key attributes if you want to find success in the world of business.

You can show initiative by putting your name forward for projects (such as presentations), by making suggestions (be careful not to undermine your superiors), and by going the extra mile with your work. Although initiative is important, make sure that you are not reckless and do not take action before checking with your superiors.



Qualifications are vital for success because they allow you to climb the ranks and demonstrate your knowledge. Qualifications will teach you the specific knowledge and skills that you need to succeed in your career path as well as help your resume to stand out from the crowd.

What qualifications you need will depend on your industry, but business degrees, like an MBA, can always come in helpful if you want to climb the corporate ladder or start your own business venture. Thankfully, many universities offer online business courses which allow you to study at a time and place of your choosing which is helpful if you are already in a full-time role.


Support Network

Nobody can make it to the top without support along the way. A large and helpful network can open doors, provide guidance, provide support and generally make it easier for you to succeed. This could include a strong network of people in your field, having a mentor who can provide guidance and also having friends and family who can provide emotional support and help you to enjoy life outside of your career.

A support network is something that is developed over time, and it can take a while to form. The best way to do so is to attend any events related to your industry, to network at work and to use the Internet to connect with people related to your industry (this can be done through online communities, social media and LinkedIn).  


Ability To Sell Yourself

You could be highly skilled and the best person for a new position, but if you cannot sell yourself then you will never succeed. Those that can sell themselves can quickly rise through the ranks and impress those that hold the power.

A lot of this comes down to confidence (see above), but there are also few steps to take which can help. This will include working on an “elevator pitch” to showcase why somebody should choose you, practicing your interview technique and also making sure that you always look presentable.

Ability To Embrace Change

Many people shy away from change, but this can hold you back in your career development. Change can be daunting but it is also exciting and the only way that you will ever climb to the top, take on more responsibilities and earn more money. It can be difficult, but you need to be willing to change companies if the right opportunity presents itself as sometimes a company can only take you so far on your journey. This could also involve moving home too as you may find that employment/earning potential is much higher in another area.



Many aspiring business people make the mistake of working too hard and neglecting their health which can lead to burnout. While it certainly is good to go the extra mile and work harder than others, it is also vital that you look after your health. This is so that you can come into work each day feeling fresh, energised and focused and also for your own good.

This means that you need to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, to get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week and to eat a healthy diet with around 2 litres of water each day. Not only this, but you should also make sure that you find ways to relax after work, that you socialise in your free time and generally look after your mental health. This will help you to avoid burnout and help to minimise time off of work through sickness (something that is noticed by employers).

Those that want to find success in their career and make it to the top need to have all of the above. This may seem overwhelming and out of reach, but there are always ways that you can acquire the above if you do not currently have them provided that you are willing to put in the work and step outside of your comfort zone. It can be a long and difficult journey with numerous obstacles, but this only makes the reward sweeter and can have a huge impact on your personal development.