8 Signs You’re About To Get Fired

Getting fired is never pleasant, but it doesn’t have to come as a surprise. If your neck is truly on the line, you’ll have plenty of hints that you might be on the chopping block. Here are some signs that you’re about to get fired.



1. Your manager appears distant and cold: This is the first sign that your job might be in trouble. If your manager not being his usual self, and is trying to avoid you, it’s possible that he’s been tasked to deliver some bad news. Telling someone that they’re fired is never easy, and it’s not a job that no manager relishes. If your manager’s not being his usual self, you might be justified in being a little worried.

2. There aren’t any long term plans: Your manager and team will typically have 3-6 month plans around what you’re supposed to be doing and where your career is headed. If your manager is reluctant to commit to what you’ll be doing in a few months’ time, and your team has no clear direction to head into, it’s a sign that you aren’t exactly central to your company’s future plans.

3. Your coworkers don’t discuss work with you: You should ideally be at the centre of discussions that involve work in your office. Your coworkers should be coming up to you to discuss stuff and ask for advice. If you feel you’re getting left out of office conversations, it’s a sign that you aren’t really required around any more.

4. Your scope of work has become smaller: If you’ve had a an important project taken away from you, or your responsibilities have suddenly shrunk, the company might be trying to ease you out. 

5. Your manager is being unreasonable: If you’re being set unrealistic targets that have no chance of being met, it’s possible that you’re being set up for failure, and this can be used an an excuse to ask you to leave. It’s even worse if you’re being singled out for this treatment, while the rest of your team’s responsibilities remain unchanged.


6. You seem to have fewer perks: Has the company been cutting expenses? Are there fewer flovours of coffee in the vending machines, and is it becoming harder to take leaves? Your company could be going through a bit if a financial crunch, and it’s possible that you might be the next resource they decide to cull.

7. You report to new people: If there’s a management shakeup in your company, there’s always a chance of redundancies. 

8. Your work simply doesn’t interest you any more: There’s no surer sign that you might be asked to leave. If you don’t find joy and a sense of achievement in your work, it’s bound to show. Your quality of work will suffer, and people around you will notice. If you aren’t careful, this could be when your company decides you’re probably meant to be doing other things.