Start-up Opportunities Away From The Office

A challenge for any new business has always been just getting started, it requires a lot of time, dedication, and unfortunately for many, a lot of money too. Whilst you are able to get by on the bare essentials, there will ultimately need to be some level of investment for things which have almost been deemed as mandatory, and a physical presence is certainly one of those as an office premises as your base of operations could be one of your bigger costs particularly if you’re looking to grow. That could all be changing, however, with this past year certainly becoming the year of remote working with a growing number of industries making the more permanent change, is the lack of a physical presence really that much of a heel now?

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It’s becoming extremely common to see more and more location independent businesses with the growth of online opportunities, with many online services even tailored to helping you make this change with the likes of Fiverr or Etsy providing a marketplace for your services without the need for understanding freelancing or the time investment it takes to get set-up – simply register yourself on there, and be exposed to potential clients without putting much in. Whilst serving as a great temporary option, it shows how much simpler it has become to do so, as long as you have the hardware to get started, you’re no longer required to have any physical space, or even any in-depth knowledge. 

In a similar note, those starting business that don’t even require the output on a typical ‘service’ are becoming more common too – podcasting, blogging, vlogging, and all these other kinds of content sharing are bigger than they’ve ever been before, so as long as you’re passionate about something and have the means to deliver that content, you’re at the races. Whether this being you feel you’ve got the knowledge to be a tipster and offering betting opportunities at for example, or a passion for storytelling and jump onboard the podcasting hype currently spinning as millions of podcasts are available – all ready to get started with little set-up to consider.

It’s certainly an understated and very important change, commercial prices have only been increasing, and committing to such a huge cost for an office space that you may need to undergo change for something bigger or smaller in a relatively short period of time is enough to bring some businesses down, particularly during tough times, and with this past year showing how quickly things can change on a dime, many will be less willing to do so particularly when remote options are so easily accessible too – whilst the office working environment certainly isn’t dead, there will be more people than ever looking for an escape from the dynamic, and many exciting opportunities for the huge number of start-ups looking to keep costs low, but maximise their own impact.