The Top 10 Sources Of Workplace Stress

Success in the work environment depends on everyone’s contribution. That’s why no one in the workplace can afford to ignore stress. The ordinary hurdles of modern life may trigger stress. People may feel bad as they encounter them but then feel better when they get beyond them. The experience of some degree of depression is universal. Organizations would do well to recognise and work on these factors to help creative a productive, healthy and stress minimal place.

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1. Too much or too little to do – While most people complain of being overworked and stressed, being underworked can be equally stressful. The feeling of not contributing and having a lack of control.

2. Lack of two-way communication between management and employees: Most organizations believe in a top down communication where the management and HR “talk down” to the employees. Instructions are given to the employees for them to follow. In such cases, employees can feel like they can’t put their thoughts or opinions forward. This situation can breed depression and stress.


3. Being unappreciated: Everyone could do with a little pat on the back at times. More often than not, higher ups are forthcoming with feedback, and even criticism, but take the good work for granted. Little things like saying “good work” or “keep it up.” can go a long way in making the employee feel motivated and less stressed about the work.

4. Inconsistent performance management processes: employees get raises but not reviews or get positive evaluations but are then laid off . This phenomenon is more common in startups where usually a lack of a formal structure or long term business goals exist. While a lot of big organizations are doing away with formal annual reviews, it’s important to give timely and informal review sessions with employees.

5. Career and job ambiguity

This again happens in case of lack of a structure or long term business planning. 

6. Unclear company direction and policies

In the light of various companies shutting down or pivoting into different businesses altogether, or restructuring, it’s sometimes the employees that take a toll. It might make them feel insecure about their own future in the organization and leave them stressed.

7. Vicious office politics disrupting positive behaviour and creating mistrust

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Office politics is the number one cause of stress amongst employees.  Frequent back-bitching, bitching or even offhand comments amongst colleagues.

9. Random interruptions

boring team events

Frequent leaves by the employees, office relocation or even business changes can lead to stress.

10. The treadmill syndrome: too much to do all at once. This is the classic case for workplace stress. Having to do much leaves too little to maintain a work life balance leading to stress, anxiety and depression.

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