Ways to Make Your Office Better for Your Health

While most people might try healthy habits at home, a majority of them find it difficult to transfer the same to the office. The truth is, healthy office living is attainable if you focus on your diet and nutrition; connections and relationships; physical well-being; mental performance, as well as sickness prevention and immunity during your workday.

Since you probably spend most of your waking hours at the office, this article will disclose to your ways to make your office better for your health.

Ways to Make Your Office Better for Your Health

  1. Stand up and Stretch

Too much sitting can pose adverse risks to your health. For every two hours, you sit on your office chair, ensure you maintain some type of physical activity. If it is possible to use standing desks instead of the normal office chairs, do so. If the layout of your office doesn’t permit you to work while standing, ensure you physically stand up to stretch once after every two hours. If you are in front of a laptop, a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, use computer applications that can remind you to take a short break. Additionally, there are apps that help you to exercise inside your office. Ensure you take full advantage of such applications.

  1. Consider Walking Phone Calls and Meetings

Taking your phone calls while walking not only frees your creativity but also puts you in a more positive and dynamic state of mind. What’s more? Any meeting where you will not be needed to face a computer screen is an opportunity to take a walk and inhale some fresh air. Besides being more collaborative and open, walking meetings also help to increase your blood oxygenation.


  1. Allow in Fresh Air

Open your office windows to allow clean air to circulate. According to research, fresh air not only helps to eliminate occupational allergens but also has a positive effect on the productivity of employees. If your office space lacks windows, consider carrying your own air purifier. Click here to know more about air purifiers in 2017

  1. Add Indoor Plants

Not all people are lovers of indoor flowers or plants. However, research has shown that looking at a tree relieves stress and gives you a general feeling of well-being. Adding indoor plants helps to boost your productivity. In fact, specific plants, for instance, garden mum, ficus, and bamboo are excellent for improving air quality. Besides the psychological and productivity benefits, studies have also shown that plants help to increase creativity and concentration. See more on “10 Simple Ways to Take To Make Your Office Eco-Friendly


  1. Have Your Office Walls Repainted Green

Besides promoting feelings of tranquility and calmness, green color has also been shown to encourage healthy habits. If it is difficult to paint your office walls green, consider decorating your work desk with green instead. You can as well use green wallpaper. Avoid painting your office interior with red as it denotes negativity.


  1. Drink Lots of Water

Water not only denotes less afternoon headaches but also a happy body. Ensure your office provides unlimited access to purified water and ice.

  1. Office Workout

Even though some people believe that it is hard to work out in the office, this belief is totally wrong. There are several ways to exercise while in that cubicle or home office. If you have small dumbbells or weights, you can do an exercise break for at least 4 times or more in a single workday.

Furthermore, working out together with your workmates will not only allow you to know each other better but will also aid in strengthening your bonds. You can go for a workout together before work, during lunch or after work.

Working out for at least 30 minutes not only boosts your energy but also your positivity and metabolism. If you work on the 18th floor or higher, try taking the stairs up to the ninth floor before catching an elevator. To know more, please visit “10 Simple Exercises You Can Do In Your Office”.


  1. Plan Your Meals

Prepare and pack your food either a day before or at the start of the week. Determining what to eat in advance instead of making a prompt decision will help you in making healthier eating choices.

Also, try to limit your access to junk food and sodas. Carry healthy snacks to your desk and ensure your lunch is high in vegetables, fats, and proteins.

If you want to share your food with your workmates, ensure it is something healthy and nourishing.

Last but not least, try surrounding yourself with colleagues who are conscious about healthy eating. Remember, you will always find yourself eating what your friends eat.

  1. Eat Away from Your Work Desk

Eating your food away from your workstation gives you a chance to stand up and leave your office chair for some minutes. What’s more? Resist the urge to eat while working because your mind needs a break to recharge.

Remember, eating on your desk while surfing the web makes you overeat. Besides, the crumbs from your food compromise the sanitary condition of your workstation.

What’s more? If possible, socialize with colleagues or go out to meet friends for lunch. While with the friends or colleagues, put away your phone to socialize fully.

Try to promote a wholesome working environment by communicating openly with your workmates. Healthy office relationships not only help to make everyone happier but also help in reducing stress.

  1. Maintain the Right Posture

While sitting down at your desk, try to keep your back straight at all times. Slouching will give you a painful backache after a prolonged period of working. If possible, invest in quality ergonomic chairs to boost your productivity while improving your health as well.

  1. Bring Your Favorite Pet

According to a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University, bringing a pet to work has been shown to boost employee motivation and wellness.

Furthermore, bringing a pet not only decreases stress but also improves employee happiness and satisfaction. Not only will you benefit from your pet alone but also all the people who come into contact with the pet.

  1. Natural Light

According to a 2014 study, exposure to sunlight boosts the wellness of employees. If you do not sit in an area with natural lighting, ensure that most meetings are held in areas with natural lighting. Alternatively, try using a desk lamp which you can manually turn on or off to reduce eye stress.

Parting Words

Making your office better for your health not only increases productivity but also makes work more enjoyable. Just like focusing on your work, focusing on your health is also vital for yourself as well as your company.

Whether you go to work and sit in a cubicle or work from your home office, these tips will help you to make your office better for your health.


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