What to Do if You are Overloaded At Work

We all are familiar with overloading. We take more work than we are able to perform because of different reasons: fear of losing a job, inability to say no, etc. If it happens sometimes, not too often, it’s ok. However, if overloading is a part of our everyday life, something must be done with it because it may cause stress and even different kind of diseases. In addition, our productivity decreases. So, long-lasting overload hurts our wellbeing and our performance at work.

But there are some techniques which help to reduce workload or handle it better. All you need is patience, positivity and a bit of orderliness. Pick up these simple tips and you’ll be ready to cope with that ton of work!

Overworked businesswoman

Negotiate a workload with your boss

Look through your work description and contract. Are there responsibilities which you have to perform now? If no, talk to your boss. He/she may suggest a better compensation for doing additional tasks or review your workload. If you won’t reach an agreement, think about changing a company. 

Create a to-do list

If you are working on several projects or you’ve just got lots of different stuff to do, make a list. It could be a one-day or one-week list depending on your needs. Range all things you must do from 1 to 5. And stick to this list, move from task to task. Begin a new one when you’re finished with the previous. It is really helpful. 

You may also show this list to your boss and ask him/her to help you prioritize the tasks. This way he/she can see that you must do too much in a too short period. And there is a good chance that your boss will delegate a part of the responsibilities to another employee. A nice way to get rid of overloading, isn’t it?

Plan your tasks carefully

Are all your targets relevant? Or some of them may be eliminated? Some people are just doing something habitually. So review and think over the necessity some of your tasks.

Also, you should divide a big task into several smaller ones. In such a way a big goal becomes easy-to-reach, it doesn’t seem so complicated anymore and you’ll cope with it faster.

Don’t waste your time

There are so many things which can distract you from work! Even if you aren’t overloaded but find time to do that stuff, your tasks will always seem endless. So, while you’re working never surf the Internet or use social networks unless it’s your responsibility. Don’t socialize too much with your co-workers or on the phone. Don’t have too many breaks. Well, the list of don’ts may be too long. You know better what prevents you from working. Get rid of distractions and you’ll ease your workload.

Make your working day a bit longer

It’s not for the rest of your life when you deal with all those tasks, you will get back to your usual schedule. We suggest getting up an hour earlier in the morning, of course, if you’re effective in such a time. If you’re an owl then make one additional working hour in the evening. However, make sure you don’t stretch your working day from the early morning to late at night. This way you’ll become overwhelmed and stressed out very soon. Add just one hour!

Lead a healthy lifestyle

To perform great at work you need energy. Especially, if you’re often overloaded. You need regular physical activity and healthy food. Never skip exercises! If you’re too busy, take at least 15-20 minutes for jogging. You know how much energy it gives!

Things you eat are crucial for the level of your energy! Don’t eat junk food, it’s not only unhealthy but also it cuts down your energy. Eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, drink more water. It all sounds like a cliché. But your health is really important if you want to stay energetic and productive, particularly when you have lots of work to do.

It’s always better to avoid overloading. But unluckily, it is a part of our modern life. Very few people live at a suitable pace. But if you have good techniques to ease tense from overloading, you’ll overcome a tough time without any major scars.