Exicom Says It Has Launched India’s Fastest DC Charger For EVs

EV charger maker Exicom has launched what it says is India’s fastest DC chargers which a capacity up to 400 kW. The company’s newly-launched Harmony 1.5 Gen DC Fast Chargers are bundled with a range of advanced features, including an advanced AI-driven remote management system, high operational efficiency and integrated ambient lighting. Harmony Gen 1.5 chargers are available in three frame sizes, and its modular construction offers power output from 60 kW to 400 kW.

Exicom says that these upgraded Harmony chargers are easier and cheaper to install than current alternatives available in the industry. With an efficiency rating exceeding 95%, the Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast chargers are suitable for broad spectrum of EVs. The chargers have an auto charge function that enables a seamless charging experience, and the chargers function effectively in hot and cold environments. The chargers are also resilient to grid fluctuations. Exicom’s new range of Harmony chargers are are made from premium grade steel, and also have an AI-driven remote management system that enables predictive maintenance, remote fault diagnostics, and higher uptimes for Charge Point Operators.

Fast chargers are crucial for commercial charging points, where they can charge an EV up to 80 percent in as little as half an hour. In contrast, slow chargers, which are typically found in homes, can take 10-12 hours to fully charge a car. EV batteries are charged with DC current, and fast chargers directly supply DC current to the EV. In contrast, EV chargers installed in homes first convert the AC power coming from the grid into DC power, and then charge the EV battery.

Exicom is a leading manufacturer of EV chargers in India. As of early this year, it has a 60 percent market share in the home charging space, and a 25 percent market share in the commercial charging space. The company listed on the stock markets earlier this year, and currently commands a market cap of Rs. 3,200 crore.