4 Essentials of a Successful Rewards and Recognition Programme

A company without any rewards or recognition programme only harbours unsatisfied and sad employees. If you ask such employees, you would find they have no interest in their jobs and the lack of motivation has affected their work performance greatly. What these employees need is an effective employee rewards and recognition program that can boost their morale and make them feel appreciated at work.

At times companies implement employee recognition and rewards program but they fail to satisfy the employees. This leads us to believe there are some essentials that make employee rewards and recognition programmes effective. This article sheds light on such essentials that make the implementation of employee rewards and recognition programme a successful strategy. 


1- Recognize Employees Instantly

One of the elements of a successful employee reward and recognition programme is recognizing the employees not timely but instantly. The management must not wait for quarterly meetings and annual reviews to recognize the efforts put in by the employees. It’s the instant feedback that surprises the employees and delights them. It makes the employees feel that the work they do is meaningful and that they are an important asset of the company they work for.

2- The Leadership Must Participate

The recognition that comes from the leadership of the company looks more important and urgent. That’s the moment the employees work hard for. Involving the leadership team in these recognition programmes make the employees feel more valued and celebrated. Also, it shows that the company you work for actually cares about the work you do.

3- The Power of Gratitude

Employee recognition programmes must have the element of gratitude. When the management recognizes the hard work put in by the employees, it must not look as if they are doing it out of their responsibility. The recognition or the praise must carry the sense of gratitude and thankfulness. The management must never underestimate the power of saying two simple words – thank you!

4- Personalized Benefits

Many employees appreciate if the management offers them personalized benefits when it comes to recognizing their talent and accomplishments. Come to think of it, aside from publicly announcing the achievements of the employees, giving them some additional benefits to celebrate their work doesn’t sound excessive at all. These personalized benefits can be a bonus or some other non-monetary reward that is targeted towards improving the work performance of the employees.  

Along with the management recognizing the work of an employee, peer recognition must also be promoted within organizations. It can be a certificate or plaque that can be displayed at the desk to show that the employee did some commendable work for his or her peers that is worth celebrating and recognizing. Employee recognition and rewards programme can make the corporate environment fun and full of life. It shows the support and care of the management that the employees expect from their seniors and compels the employees to aim for higher achievements.