4 Serious Security Threats to Your Business

With the undeniably impressive and wholly meteoric rise of technology over the past few years, even though your business is likely now more efficient and profitable as a result, there is a new group of potential security breaches you must be made aware of. 

Read on to familiarize yourself with four serious security threats to your business and how you can protect yourself from them.

  1. Unregistered Visitors 

Even though you would imagine that these days, regardless of where you work there will be a number of security regulations in place to prevent thieves and burglars from entering your workplace, unregistered visitors are still able to gain access and cause extensive and expensive problems. 

Upgrading your company’s current CCTV system to include facial recognition technology is a great defense, as is assigning both visitors and full-time employees ID cards and keycards. In addition, you should take the time to familiarize your regular employees with the clear and concise procedure for welcoming visiting clients and customers, to make deviations from the ‘norm’ easier to spot. 

  1. Ransomware Threats 

The threat posed by ransomware is not just a problem here in the United States, but rather a global one. Several respected reports released in the last few months have revealed that ransomware will target smaller companies with as much conviction as larger ones. 

Ransomware contains malicious, ever-evolving software programs and packages that serves to lock company employees and even business owners out of their own servers. Even an attack from ransomware, which is dealt with quickly and effectively, can still lead to a dented reputation, legal liabilities, and costly disruptions to daily business operations.

  1. DDoS Attacks 

A well-executed DDOS Attack will target both servers and websites with a well-timed assault on network services, with the primary aim of exhausting the application’s resources and leading to a breakdown. 

DDoS attacks are, unfortunately, becoming more and more of a threat, both for smaller and larger companies, and moreover, can be and are aimed at businesses operating across the entire spectrum of industry. 

To guard against a DDos attack, you should look to adopt the following practices:

  • Implement protection on a server level (rather than just for your website)
  • Upgrade to cloud-based storage
  • Configure your router to block DNS responses
  • Leverage either a CDN or Multi-CDN solution 
  • Increase the bandwidth of your infrastructure 
  1. Phishing 

Finally, every business owner needs to be acutely aware of the potential dangers of phishing attacks.

Essentially, when you (either in a personal or a professional context), receive an email supposedly having been sent from a reputable and instantly recognizable company asking for money or information, that turns out to be a scam, you have been the victim of an attempted phishing attack. 

Especially in the case of larger companies with hundreds of employees and even more so now hybrid working practices are so popular, it would be incredibly easy for a well-meaning member of staff to cause a major security breach inadvertently.