4 Types of Office Desks That Are A Must-Have In StartUp Workplaces

A workplace is only as good as its vibe. A key element of creating a positive and energetic vibe is choosing the right decor, fixtures and furniture. Office desks, seating and lighting largely influence the efficiency, motivation and satisfaction of your workforce.  A good set of office desks and chairs impact the physical well-being of your employees, supporting good posture and sustaining long hours of work. If you’re looking for inspiration for functional and appealing office desks, look no further. Here are four office desks that are a must-have in every workplace. 

L-Shaped Office Desk

Cluttered office desks clog the ability to think and function well at a workplace. L-shaped office desks offer much-needed space and comfort to employees. These desks are versatile options for employees using multiple screens and devices. They also provide enough storage space for files and office essentials. In an informal work setting, L-Shaped desks are a perfect spot for a bunch of people to get together and share ideas and brainstorm. Include these must-have desks in your startup workplace to maximize floor space and enjoy built-in storage. 

oval brown wooden conference table and chairs inside conference room

Executive Desk

No office furnishing is complete with the iconic executive desks. These office desks exude a sense of sophistication and elegance. Choose these timeless work desks for top management cabins and boardrooms. With ample room for monitors, chords, docking stations and more, an executive desk is what modern office spaces deserve. These ergonomically designed work desks are at the optimal height and with ample legroom to ensure long hours of work do not take a toll on your top management. Invest in a range of these executive desks in stylish colours of walnut or oak to keep up the professional look. Executive desks are best paired with suitable office chairs that are height-adjustable with variable incline. Height-adjustable chairs are essential to maintain good posture at work, which is directly linked to health and productivity. Hence, it’s important to opt for ergonomic height-adjustable chairs.

Corner Desks

Corner Desks promise both simplicity and functionality. With a sleek yet sturdy design, corner desks are a great way to occupy pockets of space and optimize your floor space. Utilize these desks for a small team or individual contributors who work in their own space. Opt for split level systems that create more storage, space and semblance in a work desk. Corner Desks are great grouping spots for teams to come together to ideate and problem-solve. Choose a matching office chair from the same manufacturer and retailer of corner desks to ensure you have ergonomics and comfort taken care of. 

Multi-Desk Work Stations

Adjacent workstations are the best way to keep teams connecting and collaborating. These desks offer easy communication all day and are great for team bonding. Earmark multi-desk workstations for small teams or cohesive units that work together. Although multi-desk workstations are short on storage space, they’re must-have office furniture to instill team camaraderie. 

Choosing the right kind of office desks is instrumental to the motivation, team-building and physical health of employees. Go for a durable and aesthetic collection of versatile office desks to ensure value for every penny spent.