5 Considerations Before Buying Coworking Space Software

There’s no doubt that every successful coworking space needs management software. This software is key to growing the space while keeping things organized and effective. However, not all coworking space software is the right fit for your space.

Streamlining your space is possible with the right coworking space software, but which software is that? Keep these five essential considerations while researching your options and choosing a software solution.

#1: Needs of Users

The first thing that you must do when choosing software solutions is considered the needs of your users.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the people utilizing your coworking space looking for?
  • Why will they want to use your space above other available options?
  • What can you provide that fulfills their wants and expectations from a coworking space?
  • What features will users want or need to use to find success in your space?

The software that you choose will influence their ability to work effectively in the space. Gaining feedback from users before and while using coworking space software is key. Find out what is working and what isn’t; make changes as needed until the software supports your success.

#2: Visitor Management

Having visitor management software is beneficial for your users and also essential to secure the property. Visitors should be expected for meetings and utilizing common spaces, but you also need a way to have these visitors sign in.

The process should be simple, straightforward, and secure. Making things too complicated will keep potential tenants away; making things too easy will present a security risk.

The right solution will balance limited staffing with security and ease of access. The best coworking software options integrate visitor management into their overall functionality so this can become a normal part of the coworking flow in your space.

#3: Personalized Adaptations

Flexible workspace management platforms are key to coworking space management. If the guidelines and procedures worked into your software are difficult to change or adjust, it will become tiresome to refine your process.

Additionally, you won’t be able to enable easy flexibility for coworking tenants. From opening your workspace on holidays and weekends to making last-minute changes to layout assignments, the best solution will allow for flexibility.

Coworking software that integrates access control, bookings, and tenant connections makes flexible functionality a priority. Everything from contacting tenants to providing quick access is a straightforward process, saving your time and boosting your bottom line.

#4: Essential Integrations

Whether your coworking space is a few years old or just starting, you may already have some software. Optimization of integrating various management software into a new, streamlined coworking space software solution may be a priority.

Transitions between software are always going to take some amount of additional manual work. However, finding the best integration and carry-over options will ensure the simplest path is possible. 

Additionally, coworking space managers need to be aware of any essential integrations they or their users need. If users want to be able to integrate their usual booking software with the coworking scheduling database, it’s important to find out if these types of integrations are possible.

Self-contained coworking space software makes it easier than ever to avoid integration issues as these options include many key features in the base software: network control, door access, wifi control, billing, CRM, tenant management, and more.

#5: Breadth of Functionality

Finally, think about how deep you want the software to integrate into your day-to-day management. Not every coworking space will need every feature, but large spaces and those with big growth goals will want robust feature availability.

Consider if you need these features before you shop around for coworking space software:

  • Tenant management
  • CRM functions
  • Simple billing with tracking
  • On-platform payment system
  • Integration with other essential tools
  • Membership plans
  • Flexible options for tenants and management control
  • Reporting features
  • Customizable member portals
  • Scheduling and booking options
  • Specific database for tenant and potential tenant details
  • Member messaging options

Get Started with the Right Software

Management software for coworking spaces enables you to design, adapt, and grow your coworking space easily. Inclusive features, integrations, and coworking-specific tools ensure you can keep running your business effectively. Keep these five important considerations in mind as you search for the right space management software.