5 Reasons Why A Digital Marketing Strategy Is Important For Your Business

Ignoring digital marketing can be fatal for a business. But having a digital marketing strategy that isn’t working really sucks. Don’t you want to why it is happening and how you could prevent it? Read on! 


Traffic but no luck with conversions

You are ranking in the search, you are getting good traffic but where are the sales? Where is the ROI that you were assured of once the wheels of digital marketing strategy are set in motion? You can learn the advance digital marketing course in Chandigarh with expert team of CIDM. If this is the case with your business is, there are three culprits you should be looking at:

You don’t know your customers: Honestly, who does? Aren’t we all trying to figure out who are we writing for, who are we selling to and who are we talking to? Trying to take a peek inside their minds so that we could get a hint, however, slight it maybe; to understand what makes them tick? Knowing your customer is a constant effort and you can start with drafting users’ persona including their demographics, buying triggers and preferences. Do surveys, send e-mailers and call them to share feedback and tell them more about you.

You don’t have Classy Content: Well, we all know ‘Content is king.’ Heck, it is the whole ballgame. And it is time for you to find out if your content is consistent and making sense. Content means everything, the blogs you have on the website, the guest posts that you send out, the emails your marketing department is pushing- everything. Is it original? Are you talking the language your customer speaks? The tone of the copy, the language and quality- all is non-negotiable. It should be engaging and customer-centric. Keep re-optimising the old content with recent updates and long-tail keywords. The intent of users should be matched and the only way to do to address what your customers’ are looking the answers for.

You aren’t Consistent: Your customers should experience a seamless transition. From a desktop to mobile-you should be optimised and prepare for giving them the best experience of shopping with them. A productive strategy remains competent only until if it follows a certain pattern. You can’t send two emailers in a row. Or disappear for a month. Consistency is the key differentiator if you want to retain your brand voice and build a loyal customer base. 

Looking at the Wrong Metrics

There are too many metrics in this domain.  You can count clicks, views, unique visitors, conversions and whatnot. However, not all of them can tell if your marketing campaign is successful or not. It is very crucial to apply accurate KPIs to evaluate the performance of your marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter if you have unique 5,000 visitors or followers, but if they aren’t giving you sales or engaging with you on social media, it is vanity metric that nobody needs. 

Bring your focus back on the metrics that matter. Rather than counting traffic or monitoring rankings, track valuable conversions like email clicks, downloads, live chat response, form filling, and so on. The metrics that drive qualitative results are far more valuable than just perky numbers and monitoring them will help you to understand the channels that are bringing conversion. You can allocate more budget to these channels and keep working to improve them more. 

Unrealistic Objectives and Goals

Now, repeat after me. There is no magic wand. Nothing is going to happen overnight. If you are promised so, consider yourself warned. You can’t launch a product or website today and rank tomorrow. You can’t create a loyal talk-of-the-town brand in an instant.Digital marketing is like any other business strategy; it takes painstaking effort, consistency and research to get it right and yield output. You need to be patient while constantly thinking about the expectations and goals.  Go for SMART Goals that are Specific. Measurable.Achievable. Relevant and Timely, and consider partnering with Kurve to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Right message but the wrong platform

You are aboard a wrong train that is not going towards your destination and may leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.  Failing to understand where your customers are can result in failed marketing efforts irrespective of how brilliant the strategy is. To avoid this from happening, you need to know your customers. Yes, we are back to square one. If you don’t know your targeted audience and where they are, you can miss out by miles. So, research and explore before you even begin. 

Tough Competition

SEO can be quite daunting, and it is getting quite impossible to rank for highly competitive domains. So, does it mean you should call it quits? Not! 

Content strategy is a great key differentiator, and your approach and pitch may change the whole picture for you. Add interactive content, use videos and find out the channels that resonate most with your target audiences. Write fresh, original content and find new angles for a story so that you are established as a subject matter expert. Optimise (But don’t over optimise) regularly and properly.  Stay updated with Google algorithms. Work with trusted digital marketing company if you can’t figure that one out. 

Here’s hoping this will help you to fix the digital marketing strategy you are working on and hit the campaign goals. Follow these tips, keep tracking the improvements and let us know your feedback in the comments.