5 Ways Busy Professionals Can Manage Their Children’s Homework

You’ve had a long day at work, you’ve attended numerous meetings, you’ve got into a tiff with your boss, and you come home all spent. And as soon as you’ve reached, your kid goes: “Please, will you help me do my math homework?” You’re knackered, but you must help out, all while you juggle late night work calls while doing fractions. It’s a pain. But there are ways out — the internet always has solutions.

helping kids with homework

  1. Hire an online company: You can hire a professional company to assist you with your kids’ homework. There are several online options that help children compete their assigned schoolwork, and do them for you.  An entire industry exists around this — services cover all subjects, and help students do better in school.

  2. Use online videos: there’s tons of information on Youtube — nearly every topic is explained in some detail. There are channels like Crash Course which explain some complex concepts. Teach your kids to be self sufficient — whenever they’re stuck, they can go on the internet and find some pretty comprehensive information by themselves.

  3. Try free resources: There are plenty of free resources available on the internet to help kids learn. Khan Academy, for instance, has informative videos for school going children. For slightly older kids, there are options such as MIT’s open courseware which has lots of informative content, available for free.

  4. Try an online education startup: There’s no shortage of ed-tech startups at the moment. Companies like Vedantu provide an online tutor that can help your kids with their classwork, and Unacademy has free learning resources as well. Nudge your kids towards sites like these; they won’t end up needing your help very much. Byju’s too has interactive learning programs for children, but they’re somewhat on the expensive side.

  5. Teach your kids to do their own homework: The sooner you train your children to be less dependent on others for their homework, the better. Homework is meant to be done by the child themselves, and inculcating a habit of completing homework on their home will stand you in good stead as your child grows up.

  6. Learn to prevent and manage homework stress: Try establishing a structured afterschool routine for your kids, including brain breaks for relaxation. Make sure kids get adequate sleep, have a quiet study area, and eat a nutritious meal after their day at school. Teach children to recognize when they’re overwhelmed and need to step away from their tasks. Lastly, don’t forget to allocate time for family activities and relaxation to maintain a balanced approach to life.