Balancing Priorities as an Entrepreneur

Many people think the decision to become an entrepreneur excludes every other area of their lives. This is why you will have people who resorted to quitting their 9-5, dropping out of school, or doing every other thing in-between just because they want to be an entrepreneur.

Some get into entrepreneurship and ignore everything else; they develop tunnel vision. While this is sad, it is the reality of many entrepreneurs out there.

However, it is essential to know that any area of your life you refuse to pay attention to as an entrepreneur will affect the quality of your entrepreneurship. It is possible to balance your priorities as an entrepreneur and make the most of your life at all levels.

To effectively balance your priorities as an entrepreneur, you have to identify what these priorities are. While this article discusses how to balance your priorities, ensure you have these priorities in place first before you start figuring out how to balance them.

Balancing your priorities as an entrepreneur is vital. | Source: Unsplash

Having said that, how can one balance their priorities as an entrepreneur?

  1. Pay attention to your family

The starting point of everything is always family. Ignoring your family or its responsibilities as an entrepreneur is never the best thing to do. Having a thriving business and a struggling family life is not a balanced ideology.

Your priority as an entrepreneur is not the business you are running or the profit you’re making from it. Your family should rank first on your priority list, and you should do all you can to ensure things are right there.

  1. Don’t neglect your health

Next to your family in the order of priority is your health. Many entrepreneurs invest all their time in working so hard that they neglect their health. They forget that a healthy life is a wealthy life, and you’re only a successful entrepreneur only to the degree that you’re healthy.

Make it a habit to subscribe to regular health checks, engage in regular exercise, and eat healthy foods.

Considering the nature of your work, you can include visiting a health center in your schedule from time to time. This can be done weekly or monthly, depending on what works for you. However, in all you do as an entrepreneur, ensure you do not neglect your health.

  1. Learn to work smarter

There is a clear difference between hard work and smart work. At the early stage of your entrepreneurship journey, hard work is required to get things up and active. However, as your business and reach start to grow, you will need to shift from hard work to smart work.

Smart work is the ability to be quick-witted when carrying out tasks. As a smart worker, you can do a task in different ways, always the more accessible ways.

Let’s use the small and large business entrepreneurs as an example. The work rate of the two entrepreneurs will be different as the latter is expected to have more work than the former.

To keep up with all the many activities that a large business has to carry out, he needs to know how to effectively delegate responsibilities and learn how to work smart.

However, the smaller business may have a much smaller startup budget. He will have to make a small amount of money stretch much further. He will also have to learn how to work smart. 

  1. Build and sustain healthy relationships

The art of building and sustaining healthy relationships is one that every entrepreneur must learn alongside other activities. Many of the things you will do in business revolve around relationships. From relating with other businesses and your employees to customers, you need to develop people skills.

As an entrepreneur, trying to keep up with family life or living a healthy life should not interfere with your ability to build and sustain relationships. Relationships are a type of business currency that can give you many things money can buy and more.

To be a productive entrepreneur, you must learn balance. | Source: Unsplash

  1. Create a routine that works for you

To effectively balance your life and schedule as an entrepreneur, you need to create a routine that works for you. First, start by outlining the things that matter to you and why they do. Arrange these things in order of priority and create a schedule around them.

Creating a routine around your priorities helps to foster effectiveness in all of them. It also makes you accountable to yourself in completing every task.

  1. Know when you’re most effective

To effectively balance your priorities as an entrepreneur, you have to know when you’re most effective. Working when you are most effective helps you to produce better and faster results at the things you are doing.

It also helps you to know the best time to work and rest. Knowing when you’re most effective helps you to balance your priorities and work better.

If your most effective time is the daytime, you have to factor this in when creating a routine around your priorities. Put every important activity of yours during the day so that you can rest at night.

  1. Delegate responsibilities as much as you can

Delegation is one way entrepreneurs can balance priorities without losing touch with themselves in the process. With growth and increased productivity in business comes more responsibilities.

Instead of avoiding these responsibilities or doing them at the expense of other areas of your life, why not consider delegating?

Delegating responsibilities allows you to do more than one thing at the same time while still achieving excellent results. To ensure that you’re delegating tasks to the right person, knowing your team and creating a healthy work environment are vital.

Good knowledge of your team will help you know who the best fit for a particular task is at a time.


Several things will present themselves as being important to you on your entrepreneurship journey. It is left to you to determine what is truly important from what appears to be.

After highlighting the important things in your personal and professional life as an entrepreneur, the next thing is prioritizing them.

This article already provided an insight into what should qualify as a priority to you and the best ways to balance them for effective outcome.


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