How This Baltimore Jeweler Has Been Serving Customers For More Than A 100 Years

The Introduction

When it comes to delivering fine quality jewelry, there are a few select names that come to mind. Nelson Coleman Jewelers are one of the pioneers in this industry, well-renowned for creating relationships with its customers that lasts over many generations.

Their History

Nelson Coleman Jewelers are the 10th oldest jewelry store in the US, serving over 100 years, through six generations. 

Their Philosophy

Their philosophy is not just to sell jewelry – rather they educate their clientele about the exquisite pieces that are available for sale and the upkeep of the jewelry.

Their Foundation of Quality Services

Not only does Nelson Coleman provide their customers with stellar jewelry pieces, but also provide invaluable information concerning its upkeep. 

There are superior repair services available. And, unparalleled jewelry appraisals are provided. Also, they provide ring sizing, pearl and bead restringing, and gold buying services.

It would be remiss not to mention our dedicated and friendly staff experienced in their field to offer detailed information regarding each piece of jewelry. 

Also, you can just as easily rely upon their expert opinion to point you in the right direction to find the ultimate piece of jewelry to meet your needs.

Their Range of Products

Nelson Coleman Jewelers aim to provide their customers with the special item that you want whether it is an engagement ring, estate jewelry, or a custom-designed piece.

At Nelson Coleman, it is believed that nothing shines brighter than the eyes of a satisfied customer.

Engagement Rings

Shopping for an engagement ring should be a cherished memory. Not an exhausting and relentless effort to make your budget match your choice of the perfect ring. 

At Nelson Coleman, you need not stress out because it is our job to help you find a unique ring that is hand-picked for its superior quality, value, and beauty.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a timeless and simple design or an elaborate work of craftsmanship, we have you covered. 

At Nelson Coleman, you get to choose from a great selection of online styles as well as a large in-store inventory to browse through, before you make up your mind.

Estate Jewelry

There is a wide range of estate jewelry available at Nelson Coleman, from rings to pendants, brooches to pins, necklaces to earrings, and bracelets to watches.

There are many popular brand names of jewelry designs present at our store. And, there is certainly no lack of choices available.


Apart from the fact that Nelson Coleman offers an extensive variety of jewelry designs, they also provide custom-designed jewelry.

 So, in the rare event that you cannot find anything you like, they’ll make what you want.

They also offer hand, machine, and laser engraving services to personalize your jewelry.

And, if you think all of this isn’t enough, then Nelson Coleman goes a step further to make buying jewelry easier. They provide various options to their clients to pay for their purchases. This includes cash payments, credit card facilities, as well as jewelry financing.

In Conclusion

Nelson Coleman Jewelers care to provide their clients, not just with jewelry pieces, rather creating life-long relationships of trust that last over generations.