Best CBD Oil For Cats For Working Professionals

If you’re a busy corporate professional, it can be hard to take care of your pets. But buying the right supplements can not only save time from your job, but also make your pets happier and healthier.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the fastest-growing supplements in many countries today. It just took a few years before it has proven its efficacy. Many are using it as supplements to help their beloved kitties live healthier lives.

Earlier research has shown that cats have an endocannabinoid system. This makes the cannabinoids in CBD effective in helping them ease their anxiety and arthritis. There’s also plenty of evidence that suggests that the oil extracts effectively reduce episodes of epilepsy and help your furry friend go into remission for months.

You may be choosing pet products for your kitty with CBD oil as a base. If so, you can check out Holistapet cat product that is made with pure and organic ingredients that are definitely safe for your kitties. These are among the growing trends in many cities today, and many owners love it when they see that their arthritic Siamese can walk once again after administering the drops.

However, know that the industry is not well-regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and you may find fake products in the market. What you need is to ensure that you’re buying the CBD oil that has been tested for their safety by third-party laboratories and ensure that they have no THC content. THC is a psychoactive component found in marijuana, and it can be harmful to your pet’s health.

About THC and CBD

Know that CBD is different from THC, even if it came from the cannabis plants. CBD is often extracted from hemp plants, and they contain little to no THC, which is usually around 0.3%. Farmers make sure that the weather does not stress the plants because they may produce more THC, so they are grown under a monitored environment. Read more about THC on this page.

On the other hand, THC is harvested from Cannabis sativa plants with more than 30% of this compound. It produces a “high” that many weed smokers are familiar with, and they can make your pet cat stoned. This is a substance that should not be included in any way in your pet’s diet, and make sure to check the labels carefully before buying the oil.

Since the trend is becoming popular in the mainstream, there is also an increase in owners who want to know more about cannabidiol-infused products and how they work. Some of the tips that may help you choose the proper oil extracts are the following:

Top-Brand CBD Companies

You need to buy from the best brands that are considered the top ones in the industry. They are separated from other producers because they only get locally sourced hemp. The hemp plants are grown in Colorado, California, and other states are free from chemicals and pollutants. In states where cannabis is legal, even if it’s for recreational use, many of the manufacturers can ensure that the growth of the plants is healthy.

Some of the products you may want to try include chicken-flavored oil that can blend well with any food that your picky cat loves. You can combine the extracts with the treats according to the recommended dosage, and this can be an excellent way to introduce cannabidiol to your feline. Another advantage is finding a bottle where the dosing is not too strong, which can provide a great overall experience for your furry friend.

You need to ensure that the product is pesticide-free and THC-free, and the carrier should only be an organic MCT oil. This way, you won’t have to deal with surprises and excess fillers for your kitty. However, some can offer you a solid deal complete with discounts if you subscribe. Subscription plans are available, and there are retainer deals that are very worth it.

Some owners have reported that giving the right cannabidiol oil makes their cats more relaxed and calmer, even if there are thunderstorms. For those who have pets during the COVID-19 pandemic and want to lessen the distraction while they work from home, CBD can prove to be an excellent option to give your pets a healthier body and a deeper sleep. 

Other Factors to Look For

Potential applications of cannabidiol to domestic animals have been explored because of the Farm Bill of 2018. It made hemp available for scientific studies to know more about its therapeutic evidence. Nowadays, further in-depth research and studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals are still needed to confirm the exact benefits of CBD. Read more about medical journals here:

Since countless companies are taking advantage of developing new CBD products, it’s up to the buyers to research well before buying. However, some companies take their supplements to the next levels. Some of them manufacture pharmaceutical-grade extracts from hemp, and they clock almost 99% CBD each time.

Some have grown the hemp plants from proprietary farms, and they are exceptionally crafted for cats. The flavorful and delicious choices include chicken, beef, and unflavored ones for the most fickle of pets. Droppers have markings as well, from 0.25 mL to 0.75mL. 

These are the details that many pet owners need to look for to administer a more accurate dosage. If you connect with these companies, some of the benefits that you’ll get include transparency, manufacturing processes, premium ingredients, vet-recommended and low prices. You may want to check out several websites before purchasing to make sure that your pet will only get the best extracts out there.