Can a Business Lawyer Help Me with Employment Matters?

Often employers and employees are seen at odds with each other, but in reality, they help each other and are dependent upon each other in many ways. Employers have a lot of expenses and issues to deal with. Even so, employees are the biggest asset any business has. When you have issues in this area, a Houston business attorney can help you with employment-related matters. Business attorneys specialize in all aspects of the business world.

A lot of what they do is related to the establishment of business, and contracts between businesses. Even so, employment is a huge part of the business world, and a lawyer who is well-versed in business law could benefit both employees and employers.

Getting started

One thing a business lawyer can do for a business is to help make sure employees are being taken care of.  Employees who feel they are being treated fairly will often have better attitudes and produce better results. Having a business lawyer look over your policies can help you make sure you are legal, and help you take care of your employees.

Thinking ahead is essential in most aspects of business, and it is certainly true in legal areas. If you wait until you need a lawyer, you may be too late. Being prepared will help you solve a lot of problems easily.


Employers need to protect themselves by having certain agreements with employees. When an employee leaves your business, you do not want that employee to share business secrets and knowledge with your competitors. A business lawyer can help you draw up solid nondisclosure agreements and non-compete agreements that will protect you.

This could also apply to any contracts or written agreements you have with employees. Some hire contract labor, and you need to be careful there to keep within the limits of the law.

General employment contracts are another area where a business attorney can help you. When you have contracts, you need to make sure they are legal and avoid any loopholes that could get you in trouble.

Employment disputes

One of the most common legal issues employers face is when they are sued for dismissing an employee. Many states are “at-will” employment states, which means employees can be fired for no reason at all. Even so, there are plenty of lawyers who will take up a fired employee’s case and take you to court. Even if you can dismiss an employee for no reason, you can still get in trouble if you do it the wrong way.

Your business attorney can help you make sure you do things in the correct way and help defend you and your business when you get sued.  

There is also the issue of fairness in the workplace. An employee can accuse you of discrimination on the basis of race, age, disability, and other causes, for things like a promotion or levels of pay.


Sexual harassment, or any other kind of harassment, is also an area that can get business owners in trouble. If you are accused of harassment, you need an attorney to defend your case.

As a business owner, you can also be sued if one of your employees is accused of harassment. Your business attorney can defend you and can help you avoid lawsuits in the first place by making sure you have policies and procedures in place to prevent harassment.

A hostile work environment is a related matter that can also lead to a lawsuit. A business attorney can defend your case if that happens and may be able to help you avoid situations like this. Knowing the law can help you avoid breaking any law.

Safety issues

You want to provide a safe working environment, but accidents can still happen. A disgruntled employee can also get you in trouble with OSHA and other federal officials that enforce various rules for employers.

When you have a dispute over safety your business attorney can defend your case. More importantly, perhaps, your business attorney can advise you as to what the law says and how to make sure you are following all rules and regulations.

Your business attorney can help defend your case when you are sued over safety issues or get sued for a personal injury that someone suffered.

State and federal laws

There are a lot of rules out there, and it is hard to keep up with them all even if that is your job as an attorney. As a business owner, you need to focus on your business and have someone you trust to focus on legal issues.

Your business attorney can help keep you in compliance with all safety rules, and all laws related to employment. There are even times when the rules conflict, and then you need a lawyer more than ever if you get in trouble with one of the conflicting rules.


Even if you are not currently being sued, as a business owner you need someone in your corner to help take care of your legal issues. It is a good idea to have a relationship with a business attorney, so when you do need one, you know who to call. That can make your life easier and less stressful as a business owner.