Can You Get Good Results from LinkedIn Advertising?

The current marketers and advertisers have tougher decisions to make as they need to carefully take into consideration every target audience, ad, and landing page in order to maximise their returns on ad spend. LinkedIn provides a unique way to get good results from your advertising campaign.

The main reason behind this is that it has a special audience that includes professionals and experts. However, there’s a controversy, these experts and professionals have accounts with other social media platforms, and they also use Google Search. So can you get excellent results from LinkedIn advertising? Keep reading to learn more.

If you get everything right, LinkedIn advertising can provide excellent results. It’s possible to run ads to certain groups filtered by the level of education, job experience, age, interest, industry, title and much more. On top of that, the platform offers some important tools that can help you get excellent results – LinkedIn Insight Tag being one of them.

Before running ads, you need to install LinkedIn Insight Tag on your site. Just like a Facebook Pixel, it’ll track your website visits and provide you with demographic information about your visitors. This will help you create excellent offers and get good results from your campaign.

Another amazing feature LinkedIn provides is an email list. You can upload an email list to the platform and run ads to it. Also, LinkedIn allows you to create look-a-like audiences to find users similar to your current list. LinkedIn can also populate your data list within a few hours, thanks to the dedicated Campaign Manager feature.

What Types of LinkedIn Ads Can Lead to Good Results?

You can also get excellent results when you pick your ads carefully. The type of ad you choose will determine your campaign results since not all of them work excellently on LinkedIn. The platform has a useful lead general form that provides excellent results, especially when advertisers use white papers, reports, books and e-books.

A video ad is another type that can help you get the best results as long as you state the calls to action clearly. Similar to most ad campaigns, it’s crucial to create one that will make visitors take action.

Final Thoughts

Many businesses are exceptionally successful in using LinkedIn advertising since they get everything right. It can fill your small business with leads that can convert into buyers, especially when offering high-ticket services or products.