Comparison Of VR Glasses Apps; Which One Will Suit You?

VR glasses or spectacles are relevant nowadays in the amusement scope. They are effortless and easy to apply, in comparison with the ordinary screen, established on the head and they contain the set of interconnected tools.

The samples cover the acoustic, TV, and brain analysis. 3D VR instruments demonstrate two pictures. The spectacles consist of the reversed lenses that provide two pictures (one for one eye). They create the illusion of immersion that is the basic characteristic of the given surrounding area. The mechanical issue is called stereoscopy.

Doctor working on a virtual screen. medical technology concept
Doctor working on a virtual screen. medical technology concept

Such kind of glasses allows the customers to observe multi-dimension pictures, which re-form the delusion of impression absorption.

It is complicated to single out the acceptable 3D VR appliances. That’s why below there is a top list of accessories and apps submitted by the best experts:

  • Microsoft Hololens

It has the compact form and the lightweight. There is no chain connection. The user can move freely. The built-in speakers allow the clients wear no headphones. The direct contact with the screen. The pros are the dynamic VR structure, and available to wear constantly. The displays seem to be small.

  • Sony PlayStation VR

Suggests the quality and the available cost. The console PS4 is required for the start. There are 2 variants of set up: the principal VR structure, the headsets, and chain. In the additional accessories there consists of the camera, checkers, the world VR PS as a copy. The pros are the high accessibility, the PC performance, game variety. The cons are the absence of some tools and the tracking of the damaged checkers.

Requires the high effective PC to form both powerful resolutions 1080 * 1200. The customers should care about the appropriate headset for the work. The pros are comfortable fitting, the master games, the list of apps and movies. The cons are the set of conditions to PC and the appearance of nausea while applying.

  • HTV Vive

HTV Vive has two source stations, that are applied for the tracking of tool movements, the controllers of actions within the box. Two screens suggest clear shots of pictures. The pros are the best VR practice and the partnership with Valve. The cons are the highest price and the presence of the high-quality GPU. Samsung Gear VR

  • Google Cardboard

The 3D VR Glasses app is easy to employ and low price to have. Has some powerful lenses inside. The pros are the high accessibility and the good point of audience reaction. The cons are limitations, the variety of content, and navigation.

[The author of this piece is Andrew Lozun (Chief Innovation Officer), ServReality company]