Evolution of OTT Platforms In India

Evolution has been elevating in almost every sector, including OTT platforms. Little did we know that 2018 would be the birth of one of the most popular ventures, which has proven to be extremely useful among the audience that is only growing in size with every year. As mentioned, the Genesis of OTT platform, launched by Reliance Entertainment in 2018, was the first independent Indian OTT platform known as BIGFlix.

It quickly became so popular that everyone began using OTT platforms at the click of a button to watch their favourite movies and shows, but the name OTT first came to the limelight in 2007 when Netflix launched, but the first OTT platform in India was definitely announced by Reliance. Netflix was introduced to India in 2016, and it was later added as one of the OTT platforms which is now trending 1st in the world.

Right now, Indians have a plethora of OTT platforms to choose from, ranging from Netflix & Disney to Voot & Aha, they never have excuses of not having enough entertainment to binge. As we all know, the Indian market is always looking for ways to spice things up and make things available to users that are not only beneficial but also save a considerable chunk of money.

When it comes to ordering subscriptions, most companies aim to fit a budget that is friendly to all users as well as unlimited content, but there are very few subscriptions or apps that not only give great deals and prices but also give additional cashbacks, rewards etc. when you subscribe to an OTT platform or any other physical subscription on their app. Simple terms, it’s difficult to find a single app that handles everything from management to discounts to updates and renewals.

One of the best examples and one of the most renowned name is Fleek, which is your one-stop marketplace for all things subscriptions. They don’t just manage your subscriptions, but they also give you great deals, discounts, cashbacks and Fleekcoin that are added directly to your wallet so that the next time you purchase or renew a subscription, you do not have to pay full price. They also have a one-click auto-renew feature that makes payments simple and hassle-free.

And, just as users are constantly increasing, Fleek works side by side to improve other features in order to make subscriptions easier for you. They not only have an easy to use interface for managing subscriptions that come with discounts, but they also have an auto renew feature that has been a concern when it comes to E-mandate.

We can’t always keep track of what we’re paying for and what we’re not so Fleek does the job by sending you timely updates on what you have to pay for and this is not just limited to OTT subscriptions you also have a wide range of physical product subscriptions to choose from such as a pet care, lifestyle and other miscellaneous categories that are also delivered to you.

If you want to enjoy seam-less streaming apps services, then Fleek most definitely has to be your preferred choice for all things subscription. Let’s get to the main purpose of these OTT subscriptions, they provide high-quality content at a really good rate at the convenience of your couch so you don’t have to always stand in line and search for the next theatre as you can access most of the movies and trending content on your phone, laptop, or any other preferred device.

When it comes to subscriptions, there are over 40 service providers in India and this number will undoubtedly grow as the demand for OTT subscriptions and entertainment is also increasing. According to a recent report, over 503 million users have chosen OTT subscriptions which is a staggering number by itself. Be it any subscriptions, your one-stop solution to manage all of this is Fleek and you will have one less problem to deal with when you have Fleek by your side.

Over the years, OTT has simplified a lot of our lives when it comes to subscriptions with great prices and easily accessible , and we believe that this will continue to grow in time. It’s definitely a great venture and will keep getting better because entertainment will never stop and the demand for these OTT subscriptions will keep increasing. This assurance is adequate to ensure that companies such as Fleek and others will only continue to make things easier for you in terms of subscriptions if you join their bandwagon!