Explainer Video Tips, Process And Cost In 2022

In this post, we’ll look into 1-2 minute animation movies, often known as “explainers” or “video infographics,” which are more focused on displaying graphs and explanatory visuals.

These films are for individuals who want to enhance sales by effectively presenting their products. And such films are effective because they win over customers by swiftly conveying essential information in an attractive way and encouraging them to purchase.

They boost the time a customer spends on the site, improve revenues, and increase trust by warming up the client. However, in the coming sections, we will go through the advantages in greater depth.

The sale itself is one of the objectives of any explainer film, in addition to a full explanation and educating about the product and its benefits.

It is undeniable that the popularity of video material, as well as content in general, is increasing. These kind of explainer cartoons have becoming increasingly popular, which is unsurprising given their effectiveness.

Now, here are some pointers to assist you persuade a buyer to buy your product:

Information gathering is number one on the list of councils

It’s crucial to know who you’re selling to and why, as well as what your product’s major benefits are, how you distinguish from rivals, and what your unique selling proposition is (USP).

You must also decide on criteria such as:

  • The video’s duration (the video should not be compressed; the maximum length for such a movie is 2 minutes, after which viewers lose interest). However, you should not produce videos for less than 15-20 seconds.)
  • Acting with the voice (female or male, or even better to do without it)
  • Choose the preferred language for the film based on your company’s orientation (Russian, English, etc.)
  • Style of presentation (formidable, businesslike, humorous, childish, cheerful, etc.)
  • You must take this step seriously since it serves as the foundation for your video.

Number two: the script’s significance

The script acts as a foundation, and it is quite important. If the base fractures, the roller’s overall efficacy may be compromised. Describe everything as thoroughly as possible, then pick the most crucial and incorporate it into the film.

In the video, be sure to include your offer, product information, and perks. You may also include a brief case study based on the video’s hero, as well as a call to action (we recommend utilizing a lead magnet).

Number three: like, listen, believe, and purchase

Like – listen – believe – purchase, according to the rule of sales.

Your video should be appealing to your audience. To do this, you may use the video to tell a tale or a case about the main character (as in the example above), or you can use comedy, tone, and sound effects.

It is critical to select a good speaker at this time. You can’t dub videos with a sad, quiet voice, even if the quality is terrible – this reduces the video’s effectiveness.

Remember that no matter how lovely a video is, bad voice acting will ruin it.

Number 4 on the list of councils is video and sound design

Work it out to the tiniest detail – sound design enhances the overall attractiveness of a film, making it livelier, more energetic, and more helpful to potential buyers when even the smallest elements are emphasized by clear and distinct sound.

If you’re making the film yourself, you don’t have to worry about it as much, but it’s still a lot of effort. If you do decide to hire a professional to create a video for you, make sure the video design matches the examples you used to create the film and that the sound design is taken into account down to the last detail.

As a result, the video will leave the viewer with a more positive impression.

Number five: Topdown video output and analytics

You must upload a video to the network after it has been created, but it must first be optimized so that it can be discovered for the appropriate keyword and acquire views from potential consumers.

The most popular video-sharing websites. According to many marketers, YouTube provides the greatest data. Many indicators can be tracked in this analytics, but we recommend paying special attention to the following:

  • average length of video viewing; 
  • clickability;
  • audience retention.


You now understand how to make a successful video. Use these suggestions to boost your revenues!

Stop torturing your customers by sending them lengthy, boring SMS! Information should be visualized! After all, you may start building relationships with the customer even before your manager contacts him, due to videos.