Furniture Recycling: Why Should You Do It & How to Do It?

Is it finallytime for you to spruce your home up and make some changes? And, are you thinking of getting new furniture? Maybe you have already done your shopping and you’re not simply waiting for the new items to arrive at your address and for you to have them set up in your home. Or, maybe you’re just now thinking of doing the shopping. Whatever the case, there is no doubt in my mind that you are quite excited about it.

Well, I don’t want to be the one responsible for the excitement dying down, but I do have a question. Have you dealt with your old furniture just yet? And, remember, taking it outside and putting it in your yard doesn’t quite constitute “dealing with it”. You have to take things a step further and actually get rid of all the items, instead of keeping them stored away in your garage or in your yard.

Don’t know what to do about it, though? It just all seems like too much trouble, and you are probably not ready to deal with it all alone. Well, as you can see here at, you may not have to do it alone. But, that is a topic that we will discuss in more details later on. First I want to draw your attention to something important – something that should tell you exactly what it is that has to be done with the old furniture and that will lead you towards doing the right thing.

Let’s cut to the chase. Have you, perhaps, thought about recycling those old items? Or, was your plan to simply take them to the landfill and then let the nature worry about it? I suppose you get why the latter isn’t the smartest decision, because we are the ones responsible for caring about the environment. And, if we don’t do it, we may find ourselves facing quite a lot of problems down the road.

So, recycling. That is the idea that I wanted to put into your head. Given that you are here, though, chances are that the idea has already been swirling around your mind. It’s just that, you may have some questions. First, you may not be sure that recycling furniture is a realistic possibility, and then you may not even know why doing it is such a good idea.

And, on top of all that, even if you do know that it is a good idea, there is a good chance that you don’t really know how to do it. The good news is that those are all the topics that we plan on covering today. Thus, if you continue reading, you will get a clearer idea about why doing this may be right for you, as well as about how to do it correctly. Let us, therefore, start shedding light on the entire idea by answering your questions.

Why Should You Recycle Old Furniture?

If you are wondering whether recycling old furniture is even possible, I have to start by making it clear that it is. This, however, is probably something you knew already. Common sense, basically. Nevertheless, if you had doubts, you can now shed them, since recycling these items is something that has been done for a long time and that will be done in the future as well. Therefore, let us proceed to answering the question of why you should actually do it.

  • Reduce Waste

The first reason why you should do this is, of course, completely logical. By recycling, you’ll reduce waste. Instead of taking the old furniture to the landfill and thus increasing waste, you can recycle it and thus divert reusable materials from the landfills. This will have an overall great impact on the environment, and we have made it clear that you should undoubtedly be the one to worry about the environment.

  • Preserve Resources

Waste reduction is not the only thing you will achieve through recycling old furniture. Thus, it is not the only positive impact that you will have on the environment by doing it. Additionally, you will also preserve resources, because no new ones will be used for the production of, well, new furniture. Textiles, wood, metal and similar resources are used during the production process, and by engaging in recycling, you will reduce their consumption and thus preserve them.

  • Reduce Pollution

Continuing along the same lines, because the production of new items will be reduced, you will automatically reduce pollution as well. Plus, the disposal of furniture involves incineration, which can release harmful pollutants into our environment. So, through recycling, you also reduce the need for incineration and generally promote cleaner and better waste management practices. Read more on the importance and the trend of recycling.

  • Generally Have a Positive Impact on the Environment

In case you could not have guessed it, and I am sure you could have, all of the reasons why you should recycle those old items have to do with the protection of the environment. So, we can sum up all the benefits into one sentence. You will make a positive impact of the environment if you do this. Of course, there are some secondary benefits as well, such as the fact that you may save some money this way, but the truth is that the environmental reasons should be enough to motivate you to do this.

How to Do It?

If you are already motivated enough, then the thing you want to learn next is how to actually do all of this the right way. So, below I will propose some recycling methods that you can use when you decide to get rid of your old furniture. You should be able to figure out which of those methods is best for you and then use it. Here we go.

  • Donate

First, you can donate. This is probably a method that has crossed your mind already, because you actually do two great things through donating. You preserve the environment, and you do something nice for people in need. Of course, you shouldn’t donate those items that aren’t usable anymore, meaning that this requires you to assess the state of the furniture first and decide if it can be donated or not. In case it is, then you can contact local charity centres, community organisations, thrift stores and any other places that will allow you to donate the items.

  • Refurbish

Since you are assessing the state of the items, ask yourself one thing. Is there really nothing that the furniture is good for anymore, or is there a chance that you can refurbish it? A fresh coat of paint, reupholstering, or some other creative solutions can breathe new life into the items and turn them into modern, stylish, and, most of all, functional pieces. If, however, this is not something you’re interested in, then you can go for one of the other solutions.

  • Partner Up With Recycling Centres

Recycling centres will allow you to easily get rid of the old items, while at the same time doing the right thing. So, check if some of those centres are ready to work with you, perhaps even to come and pick up the items themselves, so that you don’t have to worry about transportation. This is one of the easiest ways of doing things.

  • Hire a Good Rubbish Removal Company

Speaking of easy way of doing things, here is the one you should definitely take into consideration, for several reasons. First off, it makes the whole process simple, allowing you to relax, knowing that professionals will handle the heavy lifting and the transportation, with you not having to do anything but contact them and give them your address. And then, when you hire the right junk removal company, you will also be absolutely sure that they will recycle the furniture and thus do the right thing for the environment.

How to Choose a Removal Company?

If the last option is the most appealing to you, and I can see why it would be, given that it is both simple and responsible, then you just have to be sure that you are hiring the right rubbish removal firm in your area to do the work. And, as you may have guessed it already, the most significant thing to do here is check the removal methods used by those companies, so as to determine if they will do the eco-friendly thing, or if they will just simply take the items to the landfill and be done with it. Of course, you want to choose the former option – that is, those companies that use eco-friendly rubbish removal solutions.

Apart from that, you have to make sure that you’re hiring reliable and trusted professionals, which is why checking their reputation is important as well. And, naturally, you’ll need to have a closer look at the costs of their services, as well as their availability. Once you research several firms, take time to compare all the info you have found and ultimately choose the one that will recycle your furniture, that will do that quickly and responsibly, as well as at fair prices.