How To Get the Right Vacuum Cleaner For Your Office

Mini vacuums are an ideal choice to get into hard-to-reach areas for your office and to clean up quick messes. These machines can also be widely used to clean interiors of the car and similar vehicles and also in the office to clean upholsteries and more. Even though the machine seems to be simple, there are several features to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner to make it the perfect choice from several brands.



This is one of the important features to consider when buying a mini vacuum cleaner to enjoy hassle-free cleaning job. The machine should not stop working for any of the reason before the cleaning works are done. These cleaners are available in two models – cordless and coded. Cordless models have a rechargeable battery and most of them run for 15 to 30 minutes. Hence, it is a good idea to check for the online manual of the reputed brands to find how long the battery can hold the charge. If it is not enough to tackle your chores, then it is a good idea to buy a corded model.


Most of the models of mini vacuums come with one control, the power switch. It can create difficulties and inconvenience for the people with dexterity issues. So, if you look for the cleaner for more than quick pick-ups, prefer a model with varying speed levels. The present market is packed with advanced models in mini vacuums made with cyclonic technology that provide easy switches to control the speed level and to switch from carpet to floors and vice versa and more.


Portable vacuum cleaners are not limited with attachments. Best models in the market come with rotating brushes, dusting brushes, short accessory hoses, crevice tools, that help you to pick-up pet hair from the carpets to dust under the furniture. So, check for the list of the attachments you get with the purchase of vacuum. Reputed companies take an extra step in making the cleaning task easy than ever before by proving the complete set of attachments with the vacuum. 

Size and weight 

Not all mini vacuums come in the same size and weight. They come in different sizes, weights, and even shapes. Present people give importance to the aesthetic features of the machine along with its functional excellence. Reputed brands are well aware of the expectations of the present generation and deliver cleaners with amazing looks. 

Overweight can result in wrist pain when you make use of it. Companies give clear information about the size and weight of the cleaners online. You can go through the specifications of the product along with the reviews and remarks made by the real users to make your selection the best in accordance with size and weight. 

Waste container 

These containers come in different sizes and shapes. Generally, there is no need to empty the large container as often. But, at the same time, prefer a container that is easy to remove. Select the container that makes the emptying job easy at frequent intervals without creating a problem for you. Present models come with signal buttons that inform the users when it is the time to clean the container.

Recharge time and indicator 

You should consider the time taken by a vacuum cleaner to recharge since some models take a whole day or more. So, look for a model that gets charged in a short time with extended battery life. Make an effective comparison with recharge time and battery life to make a smart decision in vacuum purchase. Also, check for the low battery indicator to know short of cleaning time in advance.

Noise level 

Vacuum technology has advanced to a better level and it helps the vacuum cleaner manufacturers to develop mini vacuums with low-level noise production. This can be particularly important for office productivity. It is quite natural that some people in the family can feel loud noise as irritating. The larger and heavy-duty vacuums generally come with louder noise when compared with mini vacuums. Mini vacuums made for homes, offices and similar areas are made with insulated motor housings and advanced low-noise motor to keep the noise at rock bottom level. Check specifications of the motor before you place the order.


You should give importance to maintenance cost along with purchasing cost. The purchasing cost is what you make you for single time. But maintenance cost is what you need to make frequently to assure the smooth functioning of the vacuum cleaner. Some of the important factors to consider in this regards include changing of bags, emptying or washing of dust bins or filters, cleaning and replacement of brush rolls, other accessory tools and more. Check for the cost of cleaning and accessory tools in advance to get an idea about the maintenance charge. Also, make sure that the brand you prefer has service centres in almost all important cities and accessories are easily available.

Control allergens 

Make sure that the mini vacuum not only uses HEPA filters but also works in a completely sealed system. This simply means that there is no leakage of air through the fittings or housings of the machine and all air carrying pollutants are forced through the filtration system to keep the indoor allergen-free. 

Best time to buy

Once you know how to select the best vacuum for your needs, you should also know the best time to buy it. Online stores have made shopping of vacuums a celebration just like other consumer products. You can find the best offers and discounts during spring cleaning season sales. You can also find weekly or monthly offer, festive sales, and other holiday sales apart from regular discounts provided by the stores.

These are some of the important tips that help you to decide on purchasing the right mini vacuum cleaner. Make an effective comparison of leading brands in terms of reputation and quality of service. Compare the product with features and cost and place the order for the best vacuum cleaner that helps you engage in smart and easy cleaning at pocket-friendly budget.