Here’s Why Your Startup Need To Focus On Its Website Design

As a startup business, it’s vital that your new site gives a good first impression. The last thing you want is for your site to boast a high bounce rate! The following five points explain why your website design should be your top priority:

1. Ease of use

Your audience needs to know how to access the areas of your site that interest them the most. And they must be able to do so with minimal fuss.

2. Clear CTAs (call to actions)

Do you want people to buy from your site? Perhaps you’d rather they contact you? Maybe you want them to subscribe to a mailing list? Your pages need to have clear CTAs.

When designing those pages, carry out some split A/B testing. This is where you offer a variation of your content. You can then see which one performs the best. Believe it or not, many firms don’t do any A/B testing.

3. Use the right visual elements

Your website doesn’t need to be a huge Flash animation. Ensure it has the right mix of visual elements within the content.

4. Responsive designs capture mobile users

Some of your audience will use mobile phones to access your site. Make sure you use a responsive design to cater for those people.

5. Don’t turn your pages into resource drains

Your content should be quick to download and render in a web browser. Keep heavy graphics and large file downloads to a minimum.

Infographic Designed By PRWD.