How I doubled My Income in 2 Months as a Freelance Digital Marketer

Buckle Up. I’m going to let you in on a few tips on how I managed to double my income in two months as a freelance digital marketer, and how you can also do it. But before I tell you exactly what you need to do, let me first share a few pertinent details. The business world is fast moving into the era of the online lifestyle entrepreneur. More people are going to be moving into online employment and building businesses online. That is good news for anyone who intends to be a digital marketer because millions of people are going to need help with all things online marketing.

Let’s dive in…

If you’re new in this industry, you’re probably asking yourself one question –  what is freelance digital marketing?  In simple terms, freelance digital marketing involves helping a product, service, brand, or business’s ability to market itself online.

Digital marketing generally involves AdWords, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertisements on social media and websites, content writing for SEO purposes, and social media marketing. So, what should you do to double your income in two months as a freelance digital marketer?

In fact, you can double your income in two months as a freelance digital marketer. Yes, I said it.


Improve your digital marketing skills

Just by doing that you can double your income! Let me explain why…

First, let me say that as a freelance digital marketer, you earn money by charging fees to your clients. So it’s not like you can earn more money by working more hours – you need to increase the amount of money per hour you charge to your clients.

You can do that by raising prices, but that’s risky because if you have too high a price in the market you are in then people won’t be willing to pay for your services.

Instead  raise prices by gaining more experience and expertise in digital marketing.

Change Your Attitude and Confidence Level

The second thing you need to do is change your mindset right from the start. What do I mean by changing your mindset? First, you should stop thinking from the perspective of an employee and start thinking from the self-employed perspective. You need to start making decisions like an entrepreneur. That means actively taking initiative, staying constantly aware of your next steps, and being prepared to face new situations all the time.

Identify Your Most Valuable Skills

Look at the things you’re naturally good at and invest all your efforts into it. In order to figure out what you are good at, try to look at what other people compliment you on, what they ask about you, and the experiences you have that others value.

Strike a Balance Between Skills, Interests and Need

You can’t only pursue the thing you are good at because you might actually hate that thing. For instance, some people are good at selling but they hate sales. So, the main goal is to strike a balance between the thing you are skilled at and the thing you love.

These are the steps that helped me double my income within two months as a freelance digitalmarketer.