How The Gambling Industry Is Attracting More Women

In recent years, the landscape of the gambling industry has undergone a remarkable transformation as it increasingly welcomes a surge of female participants. Traditionally dominated by male players, the sector is experiencing a significant shift in demographics, with more women actively engaging in various forms of gambling. This evolution can be attributed to a combination of factors, including changing societal attitudes, targeted marketing efforts, and the emergence of more inclusive and diverse gaming environments. As the industry continues to adapt and diversify, exploring the reasons behind this notable trend unveils a fascinating intersection of cultural shifts and strategic initiatives that are reshaping the traditionally male-dominated realm of gambling.

Identifying The Growth Trend of Women Casino Players

Approximately 42% of female respondents said they had gambled in the last month, according to a British Gambling Commission (BGC) survey. The survey showed that 32% of all female gamblers were between 35 and 54. Furthermore, the survey revealed that many women in the UK are more inclined to play fast-paced games like slots.  

Detailed market monitoring by the data-driven experts at KingCasinoBonus has detected a sustained increase in female players across online and land-based casinos worldwide. Through granular demographic analysis of registration and visitation trends combined with player intercept surveys, the KingCasinoBonus team has empirical evidence more women are embracing slots, table games, poker and other gambling formats traditionally seen as male-dominated. 

Have Historical Operator Biases Discouraged Women?

Since gambling was a man’s sport, operators historically did not make many accommodations for women. This is evident in the field of marketing. Gambling had previously been advertised to a predominantly male audience. Gambling commercials often included images of successful men and sporting events. 

Aside from marketing and advertising, operators tended to create an atmosphere that primarily appealed to men. For instance, most commercials used attractive female dealers to encourage men to play table games like poker and blackjack. Men were urged to play more and place bigger bets, something many women were unwilling to do. This often made women feel excluded from gambling activities.

We can blame prevailing societal norms for operators’ lack of consideration. Due to gender constructs, women were generally discouraged from engaging in risky and reckless activities like gambling. This stigma has ironically led women to have a preference for less risky games, a preference many land-based and online casinos do not cater to. 

Fortunately, despite the historical bias towards female players, the landscape has begun to shift. Casinos and other gambling operators have started to accommodate women in their marketing and design. 

Modernized Casino Experiences Catering to Women

Now that gambling is more accessible to women in the form of online gambling. Beyond online gambling, more women have taken an interest in physical casinos, enjoying games like poker. In today’s landscape, operators have no choice but to create a casino experience that caters to women. 

Modern gambling operators have acknowledged their male-centered marketing strategy alienates a huge pool of consumers(women). Operators are now shifting gears. They are ditching the stereotypically masculine themes and embracing inclusivity through unbiased and even feminine approaches. This includes using female names like “Maria Casino” and “Anna Casino” to signal a broader welcome mat.

This change in approach has also been shown to work. According to a report published by the IFF Research and University of Bristol, women were more likely to gamble due to an operator’s gendered advertising.

Establishments have started to provide diverse game libraries to better cater to women. These libraries include not only casino games men would typically play, but also games widely played by women. 

Online Casinos Removing Access Barriers

In today’s world, women can gamble without being stigmatized for doing so from the comfort of their homes. 

Online casinos have also created Ads that now feature more diverse audiences, including women, and may portray gambling more socially and lightheartedly. Some casinos also create content to pique the interest of a female audience. For instance, Bet MGM posts women-related gambling content like ‘The Best Female Gamblers of All Time’.

Lastly, online casinos provide different gaming options that suit women’s tastes. All games now have different degrees of risk, pacing and interactions. Female gambling has a bright future ahead, as casinos diversify their game libraries to suit a female audience. 

Projecting the Future Trajectory

Changing societal attitudes towards female gambling are leading to women participating in more gambling activities. For example, in online football betting, the number of female gamblers placing bets on football markets has risen from 17% in 2021 to 30% in 2023.

These developments have opened doors for new products and marketing strategies. More research is being done to understand female gaming preferences and diversify gaming libraries. However, in creating and marketing new products, casinos must avoid reinforcing gender stereotypes.